We Are Perfume World Tour Documentary, RichMix

Thanks to Aisha Anime’s recommendation I attended a special screening at RichMix Cinema, Bethnal Green to watch a documentary entitled “We Are Perfume — World Tour 3rd Document”.

Self explanatory, the film is a behind the scenes look at the Japanese band Perfume during their world tour. The documentary features tour rehearsals, interviews and back stage footage with the ladies; Ayano Ōmoto (Nocchi), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka), and Ayaka Nishiwaki (A~chan).

perfume 2The documentary does a good job at highlighting the girls personality as the crew film Perfume in each country exploring tourist sites and attractions. The girls innocence is highlighted in these segments as they get so excited seeing new things and eating new foods.

Getting back to business, the documentary shows how much detail goes into each performance as they change the set order according to each countries preferences. The band even practice sentences to say in the country’s native tongue so they can connect better with the audience.

A nice touch was speaking to the fans itself and what Perfume has done for them. One woman cries as she shares how Perfume’s music got her through the bad times.

London was a hot spot of the tour and also featured one of the funniest moments in the documentary as Nocci messes up the carefully choreographed dance routine. The error is obvious in the playbacks but the entranced live audience seemed oblivious. After the screening  I asked those who had attended the London show if they noticed the error but no one had!

‘We are Perfume’ is a  celebratory documentary which allows the girls personality to shine through. A must see for any Perfume fan.

we are perfume group shot by Mun-Keat Looi
Selfie by Mun-Keat Looi after the screening

At the end of the screening  we had a group selfie with some other Perfume fans. P.S.Thanks Stephanie Shih who sent me this Perfume fan art postcard from the United States!

perfume 11