Report on Eurogamer, Birmingham NEC, 26-29 September 2015

Luke Derbyshire attended Eurogamer, the biggest gaming convention in the UK! Find out what he got up to…

The biggest gaming event moved to Birmingham NEC this year as Earls Court is no longer with us (RIP). However Londoners it is still worth the trip as Eurogamer is the place to get the latest gaming news and demo new games that haven’t been released. Highlights included: Star Wars Battle Front 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Just Cause 3, Halo 5 and Rainbow Six Siege.

luke eurogamer 2Eurogamer is not just about new game releases, it is the hub for bringing the gaming community together. Gaming is at another level now, moving beyond the console to the world wide web as we watch Let’s Play videos and take part in Twitch streams. Impressively, this saw many popular gaming YouTubers and Twitchers attending. Naturally Twitch had its own area and staff were on hand to provide top tips on live streaming and how to meet other Twitchers.

luke eurogamer 3Of course, the real best thing about Eurogamer is it is full of free swag! I got quite a few freebies just by visiting exhibitor stands and trying out the new games on offer. My haul included t-shirts, hats, masks, drinks, wristbands, posters, pens, fake tattoos!
I had an amazing time at Eurogamer even though I didn’t play as many games as I would have liked due to the crazy amount of queues; Halo 5 was  an unbelievable 3 hours wait! The game I did manage to play was Assassins Creed Syndicate, I thought Syndicate was awesome – it is very different to the previous games as you play as twins called Jacob and Evie in London, 1868 during the Industrial Revolution.

luke eurogamer 4I checked out many of the indie games, I recommend everyone to not just visit the big brand names, take the time to play the indie games. The creativity and originality in some of the concepts and game play were awesome and deserves more appreciation.

Eurogamer was great day out but if I go next year I would definitely book a hotel and go for the whole weekend so I can play ALL the games and get lots more free swag!

Watch Luke’s highlight video from Eurogamer:

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