Northampton Comic Con 26-27 September Report

Hattie Hayridge with fan

Northampton held their first ever comic con at the local cricket ground on 26-27 September. Featuring Doctor Who stars Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant along with Red Dwarf actress Hattie Hayridge.

The cosplay area had its own marquee outside, fortunately the weather was lovely or that could have been disastrous! The marquee had its very own stage which was used to host a cosplay contest each day, workshops and panels from the cosplay guests: Tasha Cosplay Mackenzie, Chiquitita Cosplay and Rocket Penguin Cosplay.

IMG_3545psFor many I spoke to it was their first convention, leaving them to feel a bit shy and unsure of how to act. However by Sunday any inhibitions had vanished as cosplayers gathered outside laughing and dancing to disco hits such as Gangnam style and Macarena, ending with a big conga line around the venue. View the antics here.

I spent the majority of my weekend in the cosplay area which remained friendly and relaxed IMG_3992psthroughout. In fact this was probably one of the most chilled out events I have ever been to!

When I did pop inside I picked up some cat sushi figurines so I was very happy! There were also lots of prop and cosplay displays to get photos with for example the amazing Dalek cosplays.

After a successful first event, it has been announced that Northampton Comic Con will be returning in 2016.