London Film Comic Con Report – Back to the Future stars reunite!

Attending all three days, London Film Comic Con was held at Kensington Olympia following the closure of Earls Court (RIP). The con featured the much anticipated Back to the Future reunion with Marty (Michael J.Fox) and the whole gang. The con had quite a clear horror genre vibe bringing stars from Scream, Saw and Nightmare on Elm Street all under one roof. Notable horror names included Robert Englund  (Freddy Kreuger) Neve Campbell (Sydney Prescott, Scream) and Darren Lynn Bousman (director of Saw 2, 3 and 4).  Meanwhile, LFCC still continued to bring big names from cult favourites such as Star Trek, Games of Thrones, The Walking Dead and even Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell.

Character - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles PS
Turtle actor Nick Palma with April O’Neil and Shredder cosplayers

I attended the Back to the Future press conference, it was great to see so many stars reunited from one trilogy thirty years on. After the stars gathered on stage for a group photo Michael J.Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson stayed on to answer a few press questions. Michael J.Fox commented on why he thought the film, and Marty inparticular, has made such an impact on society, “Marty was just everyman. Marty was every kid. He was just supposed to represent everyone’s reaction to what was happening”.

After the conference I dashed to the Neve Campbell photo shoot, I was intrigued to see how Scream’s leading lady would look like after all these years! I wasn’t the only one, Neve was in demand and the queues were huge! (its reported that Campbell had over 2000 photo shoots that weekend). Luckily, I got talking to some friendly people in the queues to pass the time. When I got close enough to see it was clear she hadn’t aged, looking at my printed photo I have more bags under my eyes then she does (Does it all go downhill from 25?)

IMG_0668psSaturday I spent most of my time at the Young Adult Literacy Convention (YALC).  Located on the second floor you could actually feel the air con and there was more space to move. I watched a bit of the morning Cassandra Clare Q&A panel. For those unaware, Clare is the author of the Mortal Instruments series which was recently turned into a Hollywood movie. After the Q&A I went to get my book signed. Unlike many other celebrities at LFCC, the signings at YALC were both free and personalised! However I was a whopping number 279 in the virtual queue! Alas kudos to Ms.Clare I think she did over 500 signings in total and stayed much longer than her intended autograph session! Someone definitely got writers cramp that afternoon…

IMG_0546psSunday, the last day of the event which always seem to be my most productive. I started by attending the Neve Campbell talk on the super stage. The star has recently been cast in the new series of House of Cards but sadly could not reveal anything about her new role. After living in the UK for eight years and LA for four Campbell was making the move to NYC on Tuesday for new career opportunities – talk about squeezing a convention in! Naturally she talked about her time on Scream revealing her favourite instalment was the first movie, with the last sequence her favourite to shoot. Although she didn’t seem to have a favourite death sequence she touched upon the public’s love for Rose McGowan’s death in the first movie.

Hollita and Scarlet Flame Cosplay
Hollita and Scarlet Flame Cosplay

Despite all the horror stars at the event there were no chills down people’s spines, just sweat, as the amount of people in a confined space made it unbearably hot.  Kudos to the attendees in cosplay especially those in armour, body suits and fur!

Sunday also marked the day of the cosplay championships! I caught the tail end of the contest. Big congrats to Paterona Cosplay who won the championships, stealing the show with her Queen Akasha (Queen of the Damned) cosplay. I have never seen anyone cosplay that character before and it was magnificent! I sat through the open cosplay masquerade afterwards which had some equally good costumes. Congrats to Akwa whose Storm (X-Men) won best in show.

Name - Panterona Cosplay - Character - Akasha large
Peterona Cosplay, winner of the LFCC Cosplay Championships

Although I enjoyed the con, I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of this venue, the heat and the layout prevented it from being better than it could have been. Having a con over four floors with that size must be tough but I hope to see future improvements to the layout so more space can be given for people to walk through. Also like other larger conventions queuing was an issue which again hopefully can be resolved for the winter edition of the convention in November.

Keep an eye out for our interviews with Jodi Lynn O’Keefe, Darren Lynn Bousman, Jacqueline Kim coming soon! The next London Film Comic Con is 7-8 November.