MCM London Comic Con October 2014 Review

MCM London Comic Con is now over and what an improvement on the May event – without a raindrop insight! While I didn’t get to meet Daniel Radcliffe (those raffle tickets went quicker than a speed of the golden snitch!) I did get to meet many of the other guests; anime voice actors, Japanese game developers, international cosplayers and the stars from Teen Wolf. Not to mention all the other amazing attendees/cosplayers who I had the chance to speak with over the weekend!

Forget Daniel Radcliffe, the one queue that was HUGE this year was the one to meet Jessica Nigri. Love or loathe her many wanted to meet the world’s most famous cosplayer. Infamous for her sexy Pikachu cosplay back at San Diego Comic Con 2009 she now has over 2 million fans on social media, when you hear the word cosplay her name usually isn’t too far behind. During the weekend people waited in line for over 4 hours to meet their cosplay hero! Looks like just one option Jess, you will have to come back to the UK again!

Lollipop Bunnie at the NEO stand

Jessica Nigri wasn’t the only international cosplayer crossing our shores, Lollipop Bunnie (Brazil) and Paine Cosplay (Belgium) were also present at the NEO Magazine throughout the weekend singing prints along with UK favourite Stacey Rebecca and Aigue Marine.

As usual MyM had some great voice actors participating in free signings if you purchased a copy of MyM magazine (£3); D.C Douglas (Resident Evil), Laura Bailey (Fulmetal Alchemist/Fruits Baskets/Naruto) and Travis Willingham (Fulmetal Alchemist/Bleach/Naruto). I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham watch it here.

L-R Travis Willingham, Me, Aisha Anime and Laura Bailey

Another reason we all secretly come to conventions is the free swag and this year wasn’t too shabby! I came home with a free bag for screaming inside of a Godzilla truck and then a free tote from the channel 5 Gotham stand and various other posters!

MCM is home to EuroCosplay Championships, there were some stunning entrants from across the world and although the UK didn’t win, our entry Kei Lin Sama did a fabulous job and got a special mention! Overall a big congrats to all those participated, especially first place Poland, Spain in second and Hungary in third.

IMG_3092psAs well as international cosplay contests, there was also a Yu-Gi-Oh championships taking With a giant inflatable Yuma (Yu-Gi-Oh Axcel) greeting you as you enter and inside games of Yu-Gi-Oh Bingo and a giant version of the popular card game. Again, although the UK didn’t win A UK player; Luke Quinsee from Huddersfield, did manage to get down to the top 8 UK pairing.

Notably I took a lot less photos this year as was focusing on interviews this time (suscribe to League of Cosplay on YouTube so not miss out!) round but I did manage to take photos of the lovely people at the Studio Ghibli and Death Note Meet!

Me with Kelly Jean and Jessica Nigri

An overall vibe from attendees was that security were much friendlier and pleasant compared to May, personally I would agree – one of the security chaps I spoke to was so interested in MCM he took all our business cards to check out our photos after the event which I thought was sweet and a sign of positive change.

As the weekend drew to a close, my comic con adventure ended as my train stopped at the platform and the driver announced “remember to take your swords, shields and magic wands off the train”. Indeed, wouldn’t want to forget them!

See you next year or perhaps at Birmingham MCM 22-23 November!