London Film Comic Con Winter Review October 2014

Valentine Cosplay and Mojo Jones discuss cosplay and mental health

London Film Comic Con Winter returned 18-19 October with guests such as Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), Jerome Leon (GoT), The Karate Kid and even the little girl from Jurassic Park – now all grown up! After a busy July show with the likes of Stan Lee drawing in overwhelming crowds, it was nice to see LFCC return to a more chilled out atmosphere, allowing attendees more time to thoroughly browse the stalls and talk to the guests in-depth at their tables.

Each event Showmasters always have some cool movie/TV props on display, LFCCW was no exception as I entered the venue I came across some cool cars from the movies! I would have loved a photo with them but sadly there were barriers however the iron throne (GoT) was available to grab a snap with for £5.

Scarlet Witch breaks up a fight…

Cosplay is a big part of events like this for me so a key highlight at the event included take two of the X-Men World Record count, the first attempt at the X-Men Days of Future Past Premiere saw 125 cosplayers united in Leicester Square. Although LFCCW saw less mutant cosplayers, the quality and the community spirit remained just as high! With some nice photos and videos made by all it was topped by a raffle that some cosplayers would get to go and shoot some photos with FOX in the O2 the next day for the unveiling of the sentinel used in the movie as well as a tour of other props used in the movie franchise such as Professor X’s chair read more here.

As usual there were so many fabulous cosplays on display – not only X-Men, especially big groups which I think really shows how much of a community we are; Scott Pilgrim group, Disney Hercules – muses and all, Disney Apocalypse and so on! Even many of the guests I spoke with commented on how impressed they were with attendees efforts.

IMG_1988psDespite the chilled out atmosphere, the cosplay area remained booming throughout the weekend with an overwhelming number of high calibre entrants in the cosplay contest from a variety of anime, comics and TV shows. The cosplay area also featured a range of panels hosted by cosplay guests and veterans covering traditional topics such as sewing and prop making as well as some controversial and topical issues such as Male Representation in Cosplay and a brand new panel – Cosplay and Mental Health hosted by Valentine Cosplay and Mojo Jones –sharing stories of depression and ADHD it was an open forum which many found comforting and could relate to. Following the body image panel back in July it is good to continue to see the rise in community and positive impact panels not just ones surrounding practical skills.

As mentioned above, compared to previous events I had much more time to interact and chat with the guests; please keep an eye out on the site and our YouTube channel where we will be uploading short interviews with MC Gainy (Lost), Spencer Wilding (Guardians of the Galaxy), Colin Salmon (Arrow/Hex), Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers) as well as some good old fashioned web interviews with Melody Perkins (Power Rangers/Charmed),  and Catrin Stewart (Doctor Who) etc.