Interview with Maggie Blue O’Hara

IMG_4154psssI interviewed voice actress Maggue Blue O’Hara, who voices Bulma (Dragonball Z), Madison (Cardcaptors) and Kitty Pryde (X-Men Evolution) among others! This was orginally published in the Summer London Anime Gaming Conbook.

IMG_4539psHow did you get into voice acting?

When I was three years old I did a voice over for a child actor in a film. Her speech wasn’t as clear as mine was, so i was hired to do all of her lines throughout the whole film.

Any tips for those looking to become a professional voice actor?

Practice reading aloud, perfect at least four very different voices and make sure people can easily understand what you’re saying. Then make a recording demo no longer than two minutes and shop them around to voice agents!

kitty pryde 2Do you have a favourite character that you love voicing?

I really enjoyed doing the voice of Shadowcat aka Kiity Pryde from X-Men Evolution

Do you have any future upcoming projects to keep an eye out for?

I am developing my own original songs and currently looking for musicians and producers to work on my first album!

IMG_4195pssssYou have voiced for variety of productions – voice acting and starring/guesting in TV shows, do you have a preference?

I enjoy both! On camera acting is fun because the whole cast and crew work together on the film set and the acting experience is fuller being on set, with costumes and make up etc. Then voice acting is fun because it’s fast and easy when I am in the studio by myself and able to get the work done quickly!

You were born in Canada, but currently live in Hong Kong what was the reason behind the move?

I fell in love with a HK Chinese man and we co created All Theatre Art Association,, a multimedia theatre company. I have been performing, directing, choreographing, making music, writing, teaching and creating all over Asia for the last ten years!

bulma 01Is there anything you miss from back home?

I miss my tribe of community and close friends in Vancouver, fresh air, quiet places, fresh berries off the bush and dance parties in the trees!

As well as a voice actress, you are also an author and have published your own book, could you tell me more about this?

I have written a book of poetry called HUMAN NATURE. I am inspired by nature, our human nature and how humans have become disconnected to nature. I hope we can all remember we are part of nature and make more positive choices in the world to help make our living on the earth more loving and sustainable!

IMG_4514psWhat is your favourite thing about London?

Camden market, Portobello market, fish n chips, Sweaty Thursdays at Vauxhall (ecstatic dance community) I hope to visit these during my trip.

Thank  you for the interview Maggie and it was fab meeting you!

Check out this interview I filmed at the convention – Chiquitita Cosplay cosplaying Bulma interviewing Maggie, who voices Bulma!