Japan Day, Manchester 25 August 2014

japan dayAs BUCK (Bronycon) ended in Manchester, citizens had Japan Day which took place at the Midland Hotel, to look forward to on their bank holiday Monday, a free event organised by the Japan North West society with the help of the Japanese Embassy for the UK. The event showcased Japan’s cultural highlights offering a range of activties both traditional and modern. The event had everything including a kimono dressing demonstration, cosplay parade and a room dedicated to Japanese food.

Arriving just half an hour after the event started I found it was already full of people, showing the true scale of just how popular Japanese culture is nowadays. Each room was packed with stalls, with sadly little room to move. There were various stalls dedicated to modern Japanese culture, such as a retailer for anime and manga merchandise and even UK based manga artists. Manchester based fashion retailer Tokyo Royale also made an appearance as did a number of artists portraying more traditional style of Japanese art.

In another room there were stalls selling a range of Japanese food including sushi, yakisoba and delicious Japanese sweets, though food seemingly sold out halfway through the day. The final room was used for more traditional Japanese culture, a tea ceremony taught people how to serve Japanese green tea the correct way and there were a lot of varied martial art demonstrations.

Overall it was an enjoyable day, as a free event it was naturally very small but provided a taster of all things Japanese and catered to all those interested in Japanese culture based in the North West, as well as gained new interest.

This is one of many events organised by the society and anyone interested can check out their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/93382563307/?fref=ts or follow on Twitter @JapansocietyNW

Report by Vicki Anne