Crew Confidential: Zonic Cosplay

crew zonic 1

Name: Ziggy Newman

Age: 25

Date Of Birth: 28/02/89

Convention job role: Head Organiser

Key responsibilities: Pretty much everything! I make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible but also lead the committee and handle all budgeting and logistics to make the event the best experience for the attendees.

IMG_0704psPrevious/all cons crewed for: LFCC, Collectormania Milton Keynes, Collectormania Glasgow, Play Expo, GEEK, Play Blackpool, NICE, LSCC, EGX (Eurogamer Expo)and Hyper Japan.

Day job: Working in a bookshop

Highlight of convention career: Running CamCon every year plus all the events where I work as cosplay coordinator!

Best bit of job: Being surrounded by your own interests, meeting new friends and creating events where people really enjoy themselves.

Toughest bit of job: Pressure, community drama and dealing with difficult finances.

Secret fact about crewing: Its awesome! I’d encourage anyone to do it as it’s not only fun but also very rewarding and you make great new friends too.

ziggy by team neko uk
photo by Team Neko at Kitacon

Hobbies: Gaming, cosplaying, making music, acting, dancing, singing, drawing, sewing and performing on stage.

Additional fun fact about yourself: I sing and make my own electronic music based on video games.

Favourite anime: Pokemon, Dragonball Z and Haruhi.

Favourite musician: I couldn’t just pick one!

Favourite film: Girl Interrupted

Favourite food: Mint ice cream but I love all ice cream, especially green tea flavour.

Camcon takes palce 30 August in Cambridge find out more and grab your tickets here