Cosplayer of the Week: Jazzhands Cosplay Interview

jazzhands 08This week I interview Jazzhands Cosplay, passionate abut her craft she is taking the cosplay comunity by storm by adding some Burlesque to her cosplays and contest performances. In this interview, Jazzhands shares with us the importance of cosplay doesn’t equal consent and how size really doesn’t matter when cosplaying!

Photo by Escapade

How did you get involved with the wonderful world of cosplay?

I was a loner in school and I found a group of cool people who seemed to like they same things as me and they told me about going to a convention in October so I tagged along and went with them. I dressed up as the iconic killer from the film scream, at the time I didn’t know what cosplay was until I was told I was ‘cosplaying’, I just fell in love with it

What is your favourite cosplay?

It has to be Mystique, it involved long hours and a lot of pain making it.

jazzhands 07 scg
Photo by Daniel John Cotton Wall

I agree, your mystique cosplay is amazing! Can you tell me how you made it? What was the most challenging part?

It’s all made out of liquid latex and thousands of foam scraps and blue fabric paint it was a lot of moulding and clay making due to trying to get the right size of the costume the hardest part was making the pants I made them into a C string so that there was no knickers or line showing at all on the costume

You recently entered the LSCC Cosplay Championships, what was it like  being judged by cosplayers such as YayaHan?

I entered the costume in lscc at first for experience on the stage I never have really done big skit before so I was slightly nervous, like when I met Yaya Han I was surprised she was small like me! I thought she would be intimidating , boy was I wrong; she is lovely and to be judged was a fun experience.

Photo by Andrei Guiamoy
Photo by Andrei Guiamoy

Some may not know that you burlesque dance, do you find this has influenced your cosplay?

I think so, like a lot of characters I cosplay are badass females like Poison Ivy and Mad Moxxi. I do cosplay burlesque, so I’ll strip in the character on stage. I think Cosplay is a part of me now and when I started doing burlesque I had no intention in stripping in my costumes, but I was kidding myself  and now I do cheese cake and cosplay burlesque – a little bit of everything really 😉

Your burlesque Poison Ivy is beautiful, as well as your other burlesque inspired cosplayers, what would you say to those who state ‘that isn’t cosplay’?

For those who say it isn’t, well cosplay is portraying a character and that’s what I’m doing -just with my own twist! I am who I am, and if they don’t think it’s cosplay then they really need to do more research.

Photo by Jon Fisher
Photo by Jon Fisher

I noticed on your profile you stated you recently lost weight, was copslay a motivation towards this?

I was always bullied for being big and I wanted to make costumes that apparently weren’t for my body type …. that’s what I got from people online as well as people always saying that I was fat. I even got messages of my photos with big red writing over them saying ‘to fat to Cosplay’. I guess I wanted to loose a lot of weight because I was unhealthy, my diet was all over the place and now I’m a very happy size 8.

Do you have any advice for those who may be worried to cosplay due to size, or be receiving negative comments online? 

People need to realise that it’s not humanly possible to get a figure like game characters or anime characters. Even if your worried about  cosplaying a character outside your weight just do it. Seriously just do it, screw what everyone else thinks! In life your always going to get bullies and negative reactions from people so just brush it off. Think about the positives of cosplaying that character; photos compliments and making friends with people who have the same love for the character   

jazzhands 02You mentioned earlier that Mystique took a lot of pain to make, have you ever injured yourself in the name of cosplay

I’ve cut my eye on a doggy contact and had to go to A&E on my own at a convention so I was half blind walking to Charing Cross eye hospital. I also have had two needles go through my fingers, not a pretty sight but no pain no gain, right?

Cosplay doesn’t equal consent’ is a campaign within the community and conventions at the moment, have you ever experienced someone acting inapropiate towards you online or at a convention?

In the last 5 years of me cosplaying I have been assaulted about 4 times.  I have always ran to security but cons are a busy place  and nothing gets done. Last year I went to EuroGamer in London and I was assaulted by one of the staff members of a new game, I was so upset I confronted him then stormed off. I then went back and found the manager and I got a very deep apology from him and the guy in question. I just think people need to stand up for themselves and say that this is not okay, it is not right to touch someone.

What are your future cosplay plans?

Well Snow White is one with my mum and evil queen and wedding mad moxxi

Thank you for a fab interview and I look forward to seeing your new cosplays!

Here is Jazzhands performance at LFCC as Ali (Christine Aguliera) from the film Burlesque

Photo Credits: Poison Ivy (main image) and Ali (Burlesque) by Jon Fisher Photography, Poison Ivy (vertical) by Andrei Guiamoy Photography, Hades by , Mystique by Daniel John Cotton Wall, 300 Cosplay by ESCAPADE.