Best of… Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplays

One of the ultimate magical animes, is Cardcaptor Sakura – ten year old Sakura accidentally releases a set of magical cards aka Clow Cards each card has its own unique ability and can assume an alternate form when activated. Sakura’s job is to retrieve the missing cards, in arrat if elaborate costumes. As she finds each card, she battles its magical personification and defeats it by sealing it away. Focusing on love, friendship and magic the series and Sakura herself is a lovable character, growing as the series develops.

Below are some of the best and my favourite Card Captor Sakura Cosplayers from around the world, not only for the quality of the costume but for their love and passion for the character; many of the below have grown up with Cardcaptor Sakura, have made more than one version of Sakura and plan to do even more!

sasa twinsSaSa Twin Cosplay, Mexico

Since I was child, I have always been in love with CLAMP, and Sakura Card Captors was no exception. I identified with Sakura because she’s a very brave, friendly and full of dreams and energy! That’s why it is so fun to cosplay her. Sakura was one of my first cosplays and I alredy have 2 versions of her costume that I think are so beautiful (The cosplay my twin does is Shaoran) I hope that in the future I can do another two versions. Another fun fact, is that my real name is also Sakura, and that connects me even more with the character!

Miyuku ccs miyukoSaku Cosplay, Singapore
Photo by: Xeno Tan

Sakura is my childhood hero, I have loved her costumes ever since i was a kid. When I was younger watching the anime I dreamt of being like her – wearing her costumes and capturing the cards, hence the inspiration and motivation to fulfil the child in me.

ccs jesukeJesuke * Vic, Singapore
Photo by: Joel Tng

As a child during the weekends I was glued to the local television network, at that time they had a segment for animes in Chinese dubs, once in the morning and again during lunch time – Cardcaptor Sakura was one of these! I was very enchanted by the magical aspect of the show, as well as Sakura’s adventure to collect the Clow Cards and in the 3rd season, change the cards into Sakura Cards. Now that I am a lot older and have rewatched the series a few times , one of the aspect I really like about Sakura is how her character grows stronger; she starts off a brat and ends a positive but strong girl, loyal to her love (in the manga). I guess cosplaying her was a natural thing to do because of my love for her, and CCS was one of the first few series that really captured my heart. As a costume maker the range of her costumes really attracts, but the bottom line is that Cardcaptor Sakura has a really special place in my heart and I see myself continuing to cosplay more of her costumes in the future.

ccs miyMiyukiko Cosplay
Photo by Andy Chan

I always loved magical girl anime when growing up, and Card Captor Sakura was no exception. Being able to cosplay Sakura is almost like being able to fulfill a childhood dream. Now that I’m a cosplayer I’m able bring characters like Sakura to life, it feels like magic itself!

ccs shuya winfShiya Wind, USA
Photo: Kevin Chan

I really enjoyed CCS when I first heard about it in high school. I adapted that as one of my favorite magical girl series at the time, and I love the art style and outfit changes so much. Instead of going towards more familiar outfits to cosplay from, I chose her more obscure artwork outfits. I really love how adorable she is, and I’ve always been very petite and small framed. I have a hard time choosing characters to cosplay because of my small frame, and I feel really lucky when I can find a series I enjoy as well as characters I can try to dress up from that series to match my frame. Sakura is also one of those characters I can smile a lot with, twirl around for photos, and be silly in front of a camera or my Tomoyo cosplayer!

ccs hot cocoaHot-Cocoa Cosplay, Israel
Photo by Amit Stein Photography

Sakura Kinomoto is my favorite character since I was 7 years old! Altough she is just a girl she is so strong and brave, (cute too) we have alot in common! I have cosplayed Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura three times and I’m going to do more cosplays of her! It’s so much fun to play her!

ccs emmaEmma Langley Soryu, England
Photo by CS Photography

Cardcaptor Sakura was one of my favorite shows growing up, it was one of the first anime’s i got into before knowing what anime was, i loved the art style and the cute designs of Sakura’s costumes. It only came natural to me to eventually choice her when i became a cosplayer. I went for her black and pink cat design it was always my favorite outfit of her’s, black and pink was always my favorite colour scheme and of course having cat ears was always going to be my first choice being a cat lover, it defiantly brought back my childhood to finally cosplay her.

ccs pichuuPichu Cosplay

I really loved watching Cardcaptor Sakura! It was one of the first animé that I watched on TV when I was small and I never missed a single episode. I really love the universe of the series. I decided to cosplay Sakura because I wanted to remember the fun moments when I was watching it before. Sakura is really one of my favorite characters and who has a lot of beautiful costumes

ccs sakuraBhagvati, India

Check out this very cute cosplayer aged just four years who is a big CCS fan! Additionally with the help of her friends and family she took part in a live action parody video for CCS.

ccs tomiaAlthough I couldn’t get a quote, I couldn’t leave out Tomia Cosplay from South Korea!

Special mentions go out to a couple of cosplayers who cosplayed Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles!

ccs sikaySikay Cosplay, France

I like Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and wanted to make ny first duo cosplay with Nikita with cute characters from a story we like (she was Tomoyo), Sakura was my first cosplay and at this time I even had the same hair as her, she have really beautifull costumes and I chose the design with sakura flowers on it.

Our Team UK World Cosplay Summit 2014 photo by Emzone Photography

We chose the pair because they have such a historical connection accross all Clamp continuations, and Tsubasa is an interesting and dynamic take on two of our favourite characters. We love them so much we decided to do them again for the world cosplay summit finals in different outfits!

Have you cosplayed Sakura? Please link below!!!

ccs wcs