Butler Cafe: Tea Prince The Elegant Return Review 31 May

IMG_3354psAfter a long hiatus, the butlers from Tea Prince have returned! With their last event just under a year ago at Austen in the Abbey, the butlers were back at Boba Jam, with a herd of new butlers ready to serve!

IMG_3391psTea Prince differs to maid cafes such as Ai My Maid and Maids of England, as it is a butler café. The same rules and etiquettes apply, with the most obvious difference being the majority of the staff are males/crossplaying.

Traditional butler cafés in Japan are targeted at the female audience with the purpose to treat the ladies that attend like princesses! I found Tea Prince less gender specific, so males can still feel comfortable attending, they even have Maid Usagi and Maid Olivia serving for balance.

The café have taken elements from traditional Japanese butler cafes by adding rose petals to all the tables and for a small fee writing ‘confession letters’ on request which reveal their love/affection for an attendee. Like other maid events, Tea Prince provided chekkis (decorated polaroid photographs with a maid or butler of your choice), certain staff would sing  and dance on request  and there was even some magic tricks floating around! At other events Tea Prince previously added features such as waltzes to classical music, but due to the venue size this was not possible.

IMG_3331psAs an added bonus all ticket holdes were entered into a competition sponsored by Tofu Cute, the Japanese confectionary and kawaii brand, with the winner receiving goodies including Japanese Kit Kats and a mini alpaca.

For those who haven’t read my Ai My Maid review at the Charring Cross branch of Boba Jam, I will touch upon the food and drink served at the venue. Boba Jam’s speciality is  bubble tea, a Taiwanese tea-based beverage mixed with milk or fruit which can be served hot or cold. Often, large chewy tapioca balls are added. There are hundreds of different varieties and fillings to have in these – not just tapioca balls! Boba Jam’s food menu ranges from sugary deserts often combing unusual flavours together as well as authentic Japanese tapas and soups.

Previous maid cafes I have visited often have a higher male to female ratio, although recently this seems to be changing, so I was intrigued to see if there would be a higher female to male ratio at this event, interestingly there wasn’t, it seems no matter what your gender is everyone likes to be treated like royalty!

IMG_3326psFor the next event, I would love to see it held in a bigger venue, as there is clearly a demand. A bigger venue would allow for more activities such as gaming (which rival comapnies offer) and introduce more ‘romantic’ services added, perhaps bring back the classical music and waltz dances!

After the Tea Prince Event I headed to the Terracotta Horror All Nighter film festival – review coming soon here!