Sweet Cupcake Maid Cafe – Vanilla Concert, Nexus Art Cafe

IMG_3611Jade Tsang, new fashion writer for League of Extraordinary Cosplayers served at Sweet Vanilla Maid Café and Concert run by Sweet Cupcake Maids as Maid O’Ren (inspired by O’ren Isshi from Kill Bill!). Jade shares her experience at the event…

1015487_1415228565410535_2168711228656720831_oThe event took place last month on the 18 April at the Nexus Art Café, Manchester, maids eagerly greeted goshujin-sama and ojou-sama on arrival and guided them to a table. Attendees were handed kawaii pink menus which included a list of cakes made by Sweet Octopus, caterers for the event who make mouth-watering Japanese desserts. Two tasty treats by the patisserie were included for all ticket holders.

After guests were seated and fed the concert shortly began, the Sweet Cupcake maids danced to popular J-pop tunes while others interacted with guests, initiating games and conversation. One games that seemed very popular, which could be described as a ‘lollipop scavenger hunt’, involved attendees having to find lollipops that were hidden around the venue (and on the maids). The person with the most lollipops won a prize!

10270397_1415232342076824_1982709954684073872_nAs well as games there was a quiz for otakus to test their knowledge, with maids assisting each team – sorry for not being very helpful, my group! The final event was the much anticipated cosplay competition, won by the talented Beks Drum as Allen Walker. Beks received a fabulous prize including a magnet, bunny plushie (which I seriously wanted for myself!), Sweet Octopus goodies and a card signed by all the maids.

The event ended making memories through photo-taking and plenty of maid selfies. Overall, the event had a warm, friendly atmosphere and we were pleased to receive compliments about how down-to-earth we were, it meant a lot. All in all, as the name suggests, a very sweet event with a variety of fun and games!

Sweet Cupcake’s next event will be at Moe Moe Con in Chester on 21st June 2014, I hope to see you there!