X-Men Cosplay World Record Attempt – X-Men Days of Future Past London Premiere

andrei xmen photo
Photo by Andrei Guiamoy Photography

X-Men fans united Monday 12 May in Leicester Square in an attempt to break a world record of 250 X-Men cosplayers in one place. The act was to celebrate the London premiere of X-Men Days of Future Past where James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen and Michael Fassbender would be attending later that evening.

353psssCosplayers arrived in London from as early as 8am, travelling  from all aound the UK, some flying from as far as Dennmark just to be part of this record breaking event.

The array of characters and variations on display was amazing! From popular favourites such as Wolverine and Rogue to the lesser known characters such as Dust.  Seeing all the cosplays from X-Men movies, comics and animated series reminded me why I love this franchise so and how there really is a character for everyone!

As 12pm appraoched, cosplayers entered the Odeon cinema screen where the premiere would later be shown that night,  with just over 150 of us, we sadly didn’t break the world record, but for particpating we all received an exclusive cosplay world record attempt lanyard and had numerous group shots taken, it will be a day out that won’t be forgotten for while!

500psAfter the count and some well deserved lunch, those who wanted to, could enter the pens for a chance to see the stars strut down the blue carpet and potentially get some selfies and autographs! A few lucky participants with the best cosplays were given free tickets to watch the premiere! Congrats, you looked awesome and remember ssshh no spoliers! The rest of us still have to wait till May 22nd!

Josh Varney, community organiser of the event commented; “Everyone had a fantastic time at the premiere of X’Men DOFP. We didn’t set a record but that doesn’t meen we aren’t gonna stop trying. Infact we will be re counting at the Winter London Film Comic Con. So watch this space. Other than that, everyone looked amazing in their costumes and had a great day”

709psThe night ended at the after party for premiere fans and cosplayers at Ruby Blue, Leicester Square where it was time to take the mask and cape off and have a drink…or two!

Group photo from the event by Andrei Guiamoy Photography

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