Crew confidential – Alex Baker

IMG_8317Name: Alex Baker or DJ Bluestreak

Age: 22

DOB: 28/03/1992

Convention job role: Co-head of Stage for AnimeLeague events as well as a regular DJ and MC for various conventions across the UK.

Job description/key responsibilities: Making sure everything on stage goes according to plan and keeping the audience happy!

Previous/all cons crewed for: Long list but here goes! All AnimeLeague events –London Anime Gaming Con and Alcon. On behalf of AnimeLeague co-leading the stage team/MC at Newcastle, London and Cardiff Film and Comic Con and Insomnia Gaming Festival. I have also previously crewed for MCM Expo, Ayacon and Kitacon.

Day job: Administrator

Highlight of convention career: Hard to pick a highlight but if I had to nail it down, I would probably say that it would be the moment I first started stage work at conventions. In the beginning it was incredibly scary at first, I was worried if I could entertain the audience or not, and did not know how it would all turn out, but it was when I realized that the audience was actually liking what I was doing, it just made me feel so good about myself, that it made me want to continue entertaining a crowd!

alex duck faceBest bit of job: Entertaining attendees and making them happy,  also knowing that all the hard work that is put into the convention is appreciated.

Toughest part of job: The toughest part of the job actually relates back to the best bit of the job; entertaining the attendees and making them happy, it may be the best bit, but it’s also the hardest part too.

Secret fact about crewing: We all like to have a good laugh, and once crewing is finished, we start the drinking! We are just normal people like everyone else (if there is such thing as normal?)

Hobbies: Gaming, socialising, TV, films.

Fun fact about yourself: Though I may act like a confident person (especially on stage) I’m really not, I always put on a bit of an act, or the fact that I know I’m keeping someone happy, keeps me going 🙂

alex djFavourite anime: I really could not say, although I am currently watching Kill La Kill!

Favourite musician: So many to choose from, Howard Shore, Nobuo Uematsu,Green Day, Steel Panther… The list goes on. I am also a big sucker for cheesy 80s music.

Favourite film: Yet again, another hard question, but for now I will just go with the Lord of the Rings films 😉 (My Precious!)

Favourite food: Crisp Sandwiches! Hell yeah!