Enchanted Event by Street Fashion Europe & Tea Party Club UK Review 2014

IMG_8909psOn Saturday  5 April, Lolita’s from all across Europe flocked to London to attend Enchanted, an event hosted by Street Fashion Europe and The Tea Party Club. The event marked a collaboration between Japanese fashion communities throughout Europe with the aim to work together and a build a relationship with Japan.

IMG_8399psThe event had managed to go above and beyond to acquire special guests from Japan including  Minori –  leading idol in Shinormi fashion, Hitomi – designer and buyer for Grimoire and Yuka Ashizawa – CEO and designer for prestige brand Atelier Peirrot.

Greeted with champagne, as I entered the Gibson Hall with its glistening chandlers and  1st class decor, it felt like a very different affair to the grey dreary Excel Centre and Earls Court that I am usually accustomed to!

The venue was predominantly filled of those following Lolita fashion however there were some Shinoris lurking in ode to Minori. Attendees had gone all out, with some beautiful co-ords on display; from rare JSKs to customised head pieces, everyone looked wonderful. I don’t think I could pick a favourite outfit, but I was very fond of a bird cage bag that a girl had made!

IMG_9093psThe event itself created some wonderful opportunities for the UK J-fashion lovers with a catwalk showcasing the the latest designs from popular brands such as Atelier Pierrot and Juliette et Justine.

As a bonus, another fantastic opportunity for attendees was two dresses designed by Minori up for grabs in an auction, one fetching £100.

Taking a break after my allocated photo shoot time slot, I tucked into a selection of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed desserts; jelly baby (ooumpa loompa) cupcakes, sticky violet cake and chocolate river tarts. These treats were included as part of your ticket.

Another additional perk for ticket holders was an entry into a raffle, with so many brands donating, there was a high chance of winning a prize from bloomers to rosettes.

Although I could not stay for the evening (I had a nasty flu!), there was evening entertainment provided featuring classical musician and harp player Julia Mascetti and anime pop punk band Heroine Syndrome (interviews with both coming shortly!).

minoriAs mentioned above, the overall idea of Enchanted is to bring the European J-fashion communties together, a future plan is that the event may be held in a different country each year, I think this is a fantastic idea and a great opportunity to meet more Lolita’s and fashion lovers from around the world.

As someone who does not dress in Japanese Fashion, I was still made to feel welcome and it was a pleasure to photograph. I look forward to attending future events.

For those interested in finding out more about  Japanese fashion or similar events I strongly recommend watching Kawaii International (who attended Enchanted to film!) on NHK World Saturday 26 April at 15.10/21.10 (UTC time), repeated again on Sunday 27 April.

Photos from the event so far can be found here