GEEK Expo 22-23 February 2014

IMG_0414psGeek expo, held in British seaside town Margate at the Winter Gardens on 22nd -23rd February 2014. More than just a games convention it provided a fun day out for the whole family.

Robyn, cosplay contest winner

Arriving the night before we attended the GEEK pre-party at Wired Margate, an alternative bar and club on the seafront, with £2 drinks (heaven -dam you London prices!) we then headed back to the hotel – which was nicely situated opposite the venue, recommend if you need overnight accommodation for this con!) and had a girly catch up with my fellow panelists and cosplay guests.

I was up nice and early, as my panel with TigerLily Ciosplay was up first regarding cosplay photography and modelling. The stage was very cutely set up to look like a beach with deck chairs for us to sit on.  Having not done a panel since last year, I felt a tad nervous but it felt good to get back into the swing of doing panels.

Family cosplay workshop

One reason GEEK expo’s target audience is aimed at families is due to the content at the con; including a workshop with Chiquitita Cosplay making Pikachu hats with children, the workshop had so many youngsters wanting to participate she sadly had to turn kids away! The workshop provided a great introduction into sewing, creating a perfect introduction for future cosplayers. Science experiments took place, with crew dressed as crazy scientists in lab coats,  showing children how to make popcorn and bouncy balls from simple household ingredients. Suitable console games for the younger audience were also available.

Pokemon cosplay group

Not to worry, there were more mature games available and even a sectioned off 18+ area for the older generation, although it seemed several of the kids, were very familiar with the older age restricted games anyway…

GEEK is primarily a gaming convention so cosplay was few and far between, however I think the number of cosplayers next year will be significantly increased. The cosplay competition ran smoothly with crowds gathered to watch, with around 20 entrants.

Although it was a busy day, I and Chiquitita Cosplay managed to go down to the beach and grab some seaside fish and chips!

TigerLily Cosplay and Chiquitita Cosplay

I don’t usually buy much merchandise, but I did pick up a cute Harry Potter inspired butter beer necklace handmade by TigerLily Cosplay. She has much more beautiful jewellery and even takes commissions which are very reasonably priced.

Photos from the convention can be found here.

Video from the con coming soon – subscribe to the LoEC YouTube channel to keep an eye out!