London Super Comic Con 15th-16th March Review

IMG_3422psGreat cosplayers, great company and great weather – London Super Comic Con had it all! The dedicated comic convention held at the Excel over the weekend of 15th-16th March was a great success.

IMG_1448psThe first great thing that will strike you about LSCC as you enter the Excel centre is that you can move (yes move) and that you don’t spend the entire morning queuing! The second is that LSCC focuses on comics (clue is in the name), which is a great way to get your Marvel and DC fix, without a Vocaloid or Naruto to be seen!

From a cosplay perspective the two things on everyone’s lips was meeting the international cosplay guests – Yaya Han and Riddle (not forgetting Tabitha Lyons – our UK representative!) the second was who would win the London Super Cosplay Championship, with recognised cosplayers travelling from all around Europe to compete for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Dragon Con in America.

IMG_1446psNaturally, I took the opportunity to meet both Yaya and Riddle. Over the weekend Yaya cosplayed as Chun-Li  on Saturday and Baroness on Sunday. Riddle was Silk Septre Saturday and her iconic (my personal favourite) female Rocketeer on Sunday. Both copslayers were friendly and lovely but of course extremely tired and busy by the end of the weekend! I managed to take a few pictures of them both and thanked Riddle for letting me interview her before the con (interview here). I really hope next year LSCC will again book international cosplay guests. Of course we have Miss Jessica Nigri to look forward to at MCM in May.

IMG_4819psRegarding the London Super Comic Con Cosplay Championship competition, it was fantastic – the effort and skills demonstrated by contestants was admirable and spectacular. With a percentage being judged on skits contestants went all out with monologues, choreographed routines, additional props and sets, wardrobe changes and even confetti! Personal highlights included Laura Sindall and Cosplex as She-ra and the Sorceress (placed 2nd),  Helnn Cosplay as Elsa from Frozen (final ten) and Nikita and Annshella as Anna and Elsa from Frozen (1st place).

I would not have wanted to have been the judges who had the tough decision of choosing the winner – as an art form cosplay can be very subjective – and I know everyone has different opinions on who should have won, even the judges. But all the entrants were great, especially the final ten.

IMG_4836psThere were so many amazing cosplayers around the con sadly many didn’t enter the competition, mainly because they were apprehensive or scared to be judged, which is a real shame but I hope that maybe after watching this year (and if LSCC do something like this again) they will enter.

Other things I really appreciate about LSCC that I will mention, is that it is family friendly – holding a special children’s cosplay competition and even accommodating family requests for example It was little Gui’s birthday of cosplay family The Super Maian’s so they were allowed to go on stage to present a cake.

IMG_4810psA big thanks to all the staff that made the con one of the most enjoyable I have been to so far, as always I look forward to the next LSCC and what they have in store for us…