Nintendo 3DS: Beyblade Evolution

beyblade 01

Originally popular in the early 2000s, Beyblade’s were a toy craze reinventing the spinning top, becoming a popular TV-anime show and subsequently taking over school playgrounds. However, the craze died down and eventually Beyblades phased out but queue Byeblade Evolution for the 3DS.

In the last few years Beyblade has returned but with a new character set and series, they and with them a new range of games. Beyblade: Evolution, is the first on Nintendo’s flagship 3DS system. This is a game that can make the most of the 3D facility and hold’s some interaction rather than button bashing.

The plot of the game Beyblade: Evolution is straightforward you play a novice Blader, you aspire to win the Beyblade world championships, which begin in 50 turns. As you wait for the championships, you travel the city’s run into characters from the latest Anime like Ginga and challenge them. Periodically you can enter smaller tournaments, acquiring money to buy new parts and improve your Beyblades.

beyblade 02The customization is important and it can control your stats. And as much as you may want to skip the in built conversations at the beginning best not too as the kids do give you tips on how to launch your Beyblades. If you have lots of strength stay on the inside or high HP stick to the outside. Whether this is crucial to you winning is beside the point, as least you give yourself a fighting chance against an unplanned battle.

Once the world championship has concluded, the game ends and you start again, further improving your collection. Winning in the game isn’t actually crucial. The amount of battles I lost whilst figuring out the technique of using the Beyblade (frantically waving my 3DS in the air on the train) is irrelevant. Also the people are nice to you when you lose, odd but keeping the moral up for younger players.

With the rules unchanged from that of the anime/manga these battles will be instantly familiar to anyone with prior knowledge of the franchise, whereas: “Aiming with the 3DS’ gyroscope and sharply pulling the console towards you” meant nothing to me.

beyblade 03The battles are the selling point of the game, the storyline is loose and it’s all for you to associate with the familiar characters. Each battle starts with a 3-point countdown, you launch your blade by aiming with the 3DS’ gyroscope and sharply pulling the console towards you. During the match you power up your blades using spirits, which charge through to level three, shot, can push the opponent out of the ring.

The motions of wielding your 3DS as a Beyblade is easy and easy to use for child or adult nicely reflecting the true nature of Beyblading. The game moves from win/loss to the next so it is fast paced and it’s up to you how much time you want to spend on customization.

Also, there is a massive amount of fan-service on offer! As well as those pretty blades to choose from at the start of the game. It’s a nice feature for any Beyblade fan to find their favourite blade from the show.

This game isn’t heavily story based but you do get some cameo’s from the anime series. The gameplay mechanics are easy to use and can be addictive, especially on journeys (train for me great to get stress out in a non violent way.) It’s lighthearted and a good distraction with some replay ability as you start again with the high stats and become the Champion once more.

My biggest disappointment was the Collector’s Edition Wing Pegasus 90WF Beyblade didn’t come with the game. That would of enhanced my experience and for the sake of novelty to have a Beyblade.

Review by Aisha Anime