Cosplayer of the week – Riddle

riddle 01With London Super Comic Con fast approaching I caught up with ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ star Riddle who will be judging the London Super Costume Championships. Riddle revealed what she is looking forward to about the con and some top tips to impress her in the contest!

riddle 02What inspires you to choose a cosplay?
If I like the character, the design and I feel like I can bring something to the character.

You have made a lot of cosplays, do you have a favourite?
Usually it’s whatever I’m currently working on.  I find unless I’m excited and love the character it’s hard to spend so much time and money creating the costume.  Out of what I’ve currently done, it would be a tossup between Rocketeer and Snow White.

Those who follow your work will know your specialty is prop making, what do you find the biggest challenge when making a prop?
The most difficult part I would have to say is coming up with a way to attach the piece. For instance with modern wasp, I didn’t want to cut through the bodysuit to run straps and velcro never feels like a secure way to apply things, plus it would have bulked me up, and there was too much movement and contours to use snaps. So a friend jokingly suggested magnets and it was totally the right thing!

riddle 06What do you do outside of cosplays and conventions? 
Well I love video games, anime and comic books… But I especially love food both making it and eating it. I also rescue and rehabilitate baby squirrels and then release them back in the wild.

Can you please reveal what you will be cosplaying at LSCC?
I’m not too sure! Visit my Facebook page and tell me what you would like me to bring! I do enjoy a little bit of the surprise element when I walk on the floor.

There are many attendees that are looking forward to meeting you at LSCC, but is there any guests attending that you can’t wait to meet? 
A couple of the comics pros will be there that it’ll be great to see; Art Adams, Frank Cho, Adi Granov, John Layman (who wrote a really awesome comic named CHEW). As well as seeing European artists that I maybe didn’t know about, especially in the artists alley.

riddle 07Other than the guests, what are you most looking forward to about visiting the UK and LSCC?
FOOD! I’ve actually never been to the UK, so I am so excited to do that. I only have an extra two days and I have to obviously do the Harry Potter exhibit, but other than that I’m not to sure what other sightseeing I will get done, I do hope to just go out in the evening and get experience London the same way someone who lives there does.

Ultimate question, Marvel or DC? 
I would have to go with Marvel, I just really enjoy Spiderman. Marvel has had more humorous books then DC, I’m not into the straight up epic punching wars. I need a little banter!

riddle 08You have competed in many cosplay contests and will be judging the London Super Costume Championships, do you have any tips for those entering the London Super Costume Championships? 
Just be proud and confident of what you’re producing, also its better to have a skit too short then a skit that is too long. Leave them wanting more!

Is there anything a contestant can do to stand out/impress you?
Creating your own take on an existing character. That’s a personal preference of mine that if you are going to do a character like, Black cat, you make it your own.

riddle 09What has been your proudest cosplay achievement?
Being invited to international conventions, I never thought my hobby would allow me this experience, and it’s one of the things I’m more grateful for.

You were in the TV series Heroes of Cosplay, how did you find this experience? 
Tough. It’s a demanding schedule, on top of working your job your having to produce a costume in a short amount of time. Accommodating the shooting schedule, as well as go to conventions you hadn’t planned on.

Did you feel it represented cosplay accurately? 
It’s covering one aspect of cosplay (competitions), and it hits on many of the trials and tribulations that occur to those who do compete.

Do you see your cosplay as a career or a hobby?
It is my hobby, but Its evolved into a job *laugh*

riddle 10Any tips for cosplayers looking to take their cosplay/prop making talents to a professional level?
The key is translations; you want to don’t want to make a costume you want to make a real life garment.  Draw inspiration from fashion history, also focus on your craftsmanship.

Meet Riddle in person at London Super Comic Con tickets can be bought here

Until then follow her on Facebook and Twitter @Ridd1e

Photo Credits Princess Leia by Benny Lee Photography, Motoko by Anna Fisher Snow White by Jenny Barclay, Rockeeter by Dru Phillips, Rosette by Angelwing, Black Cat by Bryan Humphry