Nintendo 3DS: Girls’ Fashion Shoot Review

After reviewing Around the World with Hello Kitty, it has occurred to me the games on handheld are aimed primarily at males that some females play too, however it’s hard to find a game for the female audience without making them too girly or with a young scope. With this is mind game developers Alchemist and Publisher Rising Star Games aim in the middle with the Nintendo 3DS release of the fashion orientated game Girls’ Fashion Shoot.

girls fashion shootThe game is very straight forward your protagonist aka you wants to become a Rising Star Model (see the play on words there). You chose her look at the start which can be altered later in shoots or at the salon and home. You report to the RSM agency where your boss, Linda, gives you jobs and auditions to work on.

The tasks comprises of a given spec of what the outfit theme or what items it should include ie cute, white, maxi dress or BCBG. Looking at the age range the word ‘BCBG’ was beyond me and upon Googling came across another review asking the same thing – Nikola Suprak you were not the only one confused by the high level of French in this game! To enlighten you all, in fashion terms it stands for “beau cadre, bon gout”, which translates as “good class, good taste”.

mod2Once your outfit is chosen, Linda will either tell you that your work is ‘amazing’ and you’ll progress, or that you’re not trying hard enough so you’ll have to start from scratch. Our Linda is quite the pedantic one ! Even using the search system using the keywords, I still wasn’t up to par. Sometimes choosing more than one colour is a big no no for Linda. 

Upon piecing together a bland outfit together to Linda’s liking, it’s now time to put your magazine article together. Didn’t you know that was part of a models job? Deisgn your own magazine cover, text and lots of decorating, almost like Japanese Purikura (Japanese photo stickers). This is where a lot of the creativeness comes into play as you don’t have to stick to a theme or particular requirement nor do you get rated on it. It’s a shame you can’t use the 3DS camera to take your own photo and decorate it to your hearts content.

 mod3On the map you can choose ‘Small jobs’  and you’ll automatically receive a set amount of payment, but choosing these will cancel all your big jobs that month at RSM agency and will also affect potential auditions and meeting certain characters, so it’s not really advised to especially as it becomes a bit repetitive otherwise.

One of your goals is to climb up the popularity ladder which will land you with more money to spend in the Fashion Shop, salon, makeup show, photo studio. Sometimes for story moment you go there, otherwise feel free to learn as many new poses or buy an array of lipstick to your fancy. What’s a little disappointing is the lack of customisation, you can change colours of outfits you want to buy, you are limited to certain colours and in the modeling jobs you get the same selection of outfits.

mod5Girls’ Fashion Shoot is an easy game to follow, using your stylus to make all the decisions, buttons, skill, timing isn’t needed, just a keen interest in fashion. It’s outfit range goes from cute to punk and it’s nice to be able to style your character in lolita style. Also using the streetpass facility your game can swap profiles with other people who own the game. The only thing missing is the ability to customise, take your own photos and deco or even an online facility to download new clothes. Perhaps something for the sequel?

All in all I rate this game a 6/10. It is strangely addictive!  I recommend this game for young girls, as the cute artwork appeals.

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Review by Aisha Anime