Nintendo 3DS: Around the World with Hello Kitty and Friends

59174_638572162849511_57306601_nHey there,It’s Aisha Anime! This is my first review for the League of Extraordinary cosplayers and Becca has given me a cute selection to start you all off with. Hopefully this helps you all with your stocking fillers from Rising Star Games who have a wide variety of genres to chose from. First let’s start with some Hello Kitty.

Being a popular Japanese mascot has gotten Hello Kitty far she now endorses merchandise, clothes, stationary, cooking utensils and games. Her latest outing, Around the World with Hello Kitty and Friends for the 3DS is aimed at children who want mini games with cute graphics.

hello kitty 01This game revolves around simplicity so graphics and animation aren’t needed. The ‘travel the world’ theme, gives kids a chance to explore the world and see different outfits for each country, buy souvenirs after making money ‘puro’ from the cute mini games.  

The games are straightforward mini from baking and decorating cakes in the UK to river spotting animals in Kenya, you are given easy and hard mode. Easy has instructions and you complete one task whereas hard you complete 4-5 tasks but in both modes you receive the same amount of money to buy your souvenirs. The developers have ensured that young children can enjoy this game with easy to read story, controls are purely the touch screen and tilt occasionally, similar to mobile and tablet games.

dress up gameWe visit six countries in total: UK, Kenya, USA, Japan, Brazil and France, and each country offers four games to choose from following the theme of the country. You can go back and play your favourites whenever you like and make that puro fast.

You can swap between travelling and shopping mode after each game spending your hard earned puro on souvenirs from various countries. This includes cute outfits which you can mix and match to your own taste and change colours too. Collecting souvenirs is similar to a trophy system on other games and provides an incentive for players to replay the game.

There’s also camera function too, which allows snaps to be cute-ified with an included Hello Kitty AR card. Line up the card with the 3DS (or 2DS’) camera. Unfortunately you do not get any Hello kitty stamps or frames which I would have loved as an older gamer and fun for the youngsters to play around with too almost like a photo app!

Around the World with Hello Kitty and Friends is a cute game targeted at 5-9 year olds who can enjoy mini-games and is educational too. It maybe out grown fast because of it’s simplicity but definitely a family safe game with lots of cute ideas, activities and outfits.

 Rating: 3/5

Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends can be purchased here