The Best of…Emma Frost Cosplayers

The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a powerful mutant telepath who can transform herself into diamond. A character with many layers, she integrated herself as a fundamental part of the X-Men team, becoming Headmistress of the Xavier Institute and forming a relationship with Cyclops. Emma is renowned for her beauty, wit, and revealing attire.

Below are some of the best and my favourite Emma Frost cosplayers from around the world, chosen not just for the quality of their costume but for their passion of the character.

emma frost yayaYaYa Han, America
Photographer Judith Stephens Photography

I had all the materials at hand, including over 1000 Swarovski crystals meant for a different project, so I decided to make an Emma Frost costume! Everything is hand made by me, including the corset, pants and gloves, and the diamond form transformation is created from 3 latex prosthetic pieces I made on my headcast. I think Emma is the epitome of a Woman Empowered – she is independent, intelligent, tenacious, and knows how to use her femininity to her advantage. It was a pleasure to cosplay her!

emma frost chiquititaChiquitita Cosplay, Spain/England
Photographer Paul Beard

I really like Emma Frost because she is beautiful yet feisty and won’t take any nonsense, I feel I can relate to her. I wanted to challenge myself by cosplaying a different kind of character, rather than the heroes and protagonists I usually cosplay. The photo shoot was especially difficult as I had to look serious and couldn’t smile!

Ana Bertola, Argentina
Photographer Nipponia

emma frost ana bertolaI have always liked X-men, as a child I saw the animated series and I fell in love with all the characters. Then I read the comic books and I fell in love again. Emma Frost is an emblematic character. She is very strong without losing her feminine side and sensuality. She is one of those characters that you have to love or hate. Cosplaying her was a real challenge, since at that time she was not the type of characters that was used to characterize. I did the entire costume, and I’m planning on making another soon.

HexCosplay, Italy
Photographer CyberLuke

emma frost hexEmma Frost was my first cosplay. I love Marvel and the first character that I considered was Emma Frost in X -Men:First Class.  I wanted to know a little more about her so I read the comics mini-series dedicated to her. I loved Emma Frost because of its history. Born as a girl disillusioned about love and loss she becomes the White Queen symbol of sensuality and power. She has a split soul: fragile and revenge, make she irresistible to my eyes. In the end, is Emma Frost a  X -Men or is she a villain? The reality is that you do not ever understand her intentions or the reason of her choices. She has an aura of mystery that makes her unique!!!

emma frost alienqueenAlienQueen, England
Photographer Darren Rowley

I first fell in love with the white queen from the X-Men First Class film, she was so elegant and sly, apart from being strong because of her powers, shes got a strong personality, shes is a powerful woman and she knows it.

Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe, America
Photographer Idle Ambition

emma frost riddleEmma Frost was one of my first comic costumes I ever did. I had limited knowledge of her character, as comics was tough to get when I was younger, I didn’t even know she was a bad guy. At the time, I was very shy, she looked like a strong, confident and sexy woman, which were attributes I really wanted to embody. Also I really loved the Frank Quitely design of the top with the shorts.

emma frost mereditchMeredith Placko, America Photographer BGZ Studios

Emma Frost is one of my favorite characters of all time. She has such a dynamic story line – from the villain that she was to the teacher she has become. She has undergone such an amazing character transformation over the years in comics that it’s hard not to connect with her.So when I dress up as Emma Frost, I feel an extra connection to the character. Her outfits are cool, yes, but she is just my favourite lady of Marvel!

emma frost masubiMasubi, England
Photographer Iamsuko
Wig supplied by Geisha Wigs

I’ve always been an X-Men fan and Emma has a certain air about her. She’s a little bit feisty with a bit of an attitude, I think that’s what I love the most. I like cosplaying strong women, so Emma was perfect. The cosplay was originally created for a photo shoot with Super Cosplay Girls (SCG), more photos hopefully to come soon. emma frost ani mia

Ani-Mia, America
Photographer AshB

I chose to cosplay Emma Frost because I really ended up liking her during the story arc in which she was a professor at the Xavier Institute and her complex relationship with Cyclops. Then her storyline got crazier from there, so she has always been an interesting character to follow!

Constatine in Tokoyo, America 

emma frost constatine

Emma Frost is a character I admire immensely. She is smart, ruthless, dead sexy and has a twisted sense of humor – particularly when she was a member of the Hellfire Club! Her White Queen outfit is definitely my favorite and, while the costume might look simple, it was actually a pretty technically-complex costume to make. I always get a bit nervous when I wear this costume…I’m not quite as comfortable being super sexy like Emma…but I try to channel Emma’s absolute confidence in herself whenever I do!

emma frost clintClint and Jillian Cosplay, Italy

Emma Frost has always been a complicated character. She has a very strong attitude, a character who has been one of the most interesting developed in the X-Men comics. She started as a headstrong young and presumptuous lady, but now we meet her as a strong woman who does whatever it takes to defend her ideals. When I was thinking about cosplaying her, I was excited with this new change with the Phoenix. I felt ready to try this character and this costume. It was a real challenge that I enjoyed.

Heather 1337, America
Photographer David Love Photography

emma frost heatherThe reason I chose to recreate an Emma Frost look is because she has such a diverse story line. She goes from being a strong and powerful villain to a mentor of other mutants. Later after undergoing her secondary mutation (diamond skin) she joins forces and becomes a member of the X-Men. She even has a little affair with Cyclops on the side. She is such a realistic character who struggles with issues that can be related to real life struggles and I felt connected to her character. I just loved jumping into her costume and portraying that empowered female role.

Cosplay Butterfly, Canada
Photographer ASPhotography

emma frost butterfly

Emma Frost is my favorite fictional character of any media. She has such an in depth character development and a quirky, sassy attitude that stays true to her character but also grows with her, leaving her always fresh and exciting. Not only is she intelligent, beautiful, quick-witted, humorous, independent and financially successful; but she also have the most in depth inner strength of any of the X-Men characters, in my opinion. She has been through a lot in her life yet despite all the hardships and changes she continues to keep to her own values and sense of morality despite what side she is on and whatever opposition is presented. I choose to cosplay her out of my obvious love for her and her awesome character design.  The design that I have already cosplayed is her Phoenix Five outfit. Despite not fully representing what I believe to be her character to its fullest, it is still a beautiful costume. It represents a time when she was at the peak of her glory and power as an X-Men yet doomed to fall (as she always does). It was the pinnacle of all that she has worked towards before losing it all. She is not the White Queen, she is not Emma Frost, but she is power and life incarnate; Phoenix. It is a seductive and powerful design that was too scrumptious to resist! That is why I chose for my first Emma Frost cospaly to be of when she was part of the Phoenix Five.

emma frost naydasonikaNadyasonika, America
Edit by Constanza Manriquez Alarcon

I love Emma because she can read my mind and she is so glamorous! Stunning in fact! She is such a cool character, plus she got Scott Summers so points for that!

Emma New, England
Photographer BernieG Photography

Surprisingly, I actually don’t like Emma Frost at all as she is such a back-stabbing, two-faced, no good and very naughty lady! But I think that’s what makes cosplaying her so much fun – you can give emma frost emmapeople the evil eyes and strut about like you think you’re the queen bee. You get to channel her infinite self-confidence and arrogance.

Also notable amazing Emma Frost’s are the amazing Nicole Marie Jean, America (landscape) and Ginny McQueen, America (Portrait). If you have cosplayed Emma Frost, please do comment below!

emma frost ginny

emma frost nicole