Cosplayer of the week – LuLu’s Cosplay

lulu image 1This week’s cosplayer is LuLu’s Cosplay, otherwise known as the girl on fire!

lulu image 2How did you get involved with cosplay?

My first involvement with cosplay was when my friend told me about it, we went together an I just pinned dome bandages to a simple short dress and cosplayed Kurenai, it was exciting! I’d never been to a con prior to that but it brought up a new love for cosplay and the community, everyone was just so amazing and accepting.

Any tips for first time cosplayers?

My tip is to learn not to give a crap about people’s opinions, just have fun with it and if you want to take your skills further do it at your own pace.

Do you have a favourite convention, or any recommendations?

I rhink MCM Expo is my favourite convention so far, but that has nothing to do with the organisers, it is because all my friends and cosplayers I want to meet are there, and it’s just lovely seeing everyone! But I also really like London Film Comic Con! It’s a little smaller and less crowded BY FAR!

lulu image 3You made a big statement at MCM with your beautiful Katniss Everdeen wedding dress cosplay, why did you choose to cosplay Katniss and this outfit in particular?

Thank you! The idea of the dress wowed me before the film when I first read the book so I really wanted to do it but had no idea how I could represent the transformation in a creative and surprising way, so I thought about it for ages before I came to the conclusion of the opening skirt.

What was the most challenging part of making this cosplay?

The most challenging part by far was dealing with the white skirt and putting it together, it is very heavy and MASSIVE! I broke three sewing machine needles just putting it on the waistband!

Do you have any future Hunger Games inspired cosplays?

I plan to do MANY more Hunger Games cosplays. My nexy planned one is Effie’s red Alexander McQueen dress. I will also be redoing the bodice for my Katniss wedding dress.

lulu image 4What is your favourite Hunger Games book, do you have a favourite part in the series?

Catching fire is my favourite! I think one of my favourite parts was finding out the layout of the arena, it was so clever and creative!

Are you a Gale or Peeta shipper?

Neither, I’m a Katniss shipper! She’s got way bigger problems than those boys and their feelings!

You attended the Hunger Games premier in London, what was that like?

Oh god the premier was insane! I camped out with my friend, met a couple of people and it was freezing, the floor hurt to sleep on and very noisy! I didn’t get to meet any of the ladies, and I really wanted Jenifer Lawrence to sign my dress, which by the way is butchered around the bottom! It got muddy, wet and some of the flames came off! So it needs a bit of TLC before my next con.

lulu image 5Oh no!  So who did you meet?

I got a faraway interaction with Jenna Malone and she threw me an apologetic look as her PR dragged her away, but I got to meet Liam, Josh and Sam. Liam actually complimented me on my dress, or what he could see of it! The guys were just generally awesome and very sweet.

So, what did you think of the film Catching Fire?

Don’t get me talking about it, I won’t shut up! But really I absolutely loved it! I found it really hard to leave the cinema! I think in every aspect it was so well executed! The way that a lot of things were quite subtly lulu image 6just added in, the entire look and feel of it was gritty but polished perfectly, the focus is on all the right things, survival, symbolism politics, it was perfect. Oh and don’t get me started on the costumes, I can’t believe all the promo stuff was only a small section of the costuming genius! I love how Effie finally started to understand the stakes of the games and how she understood finally that this is life and death. And there’s even a bit of humour! Me and my friend could not stop giggling at the elevator scene! It was more fast paced and dynamic! OK I’ll shut up!

Thanks for the great interview and remember to follow Lulu’s Cosplay on Facebook and don’t forget to watch Catching Fire which is in the cinemas now, it really is awesome!

Photo credits: Katniss wedding dress images both by Shinigami Photography,Harley Bunny Sonesh Joshi Photography, Scar crouching Will Satchwell Photo and Design, final Katniss Wedding Dress – MCM Buzz Scar standing – Jon Fisher Photography