GEEKS E4 Coming Soon – 23 December 2013

becca geeks psA few of you have seen me and fellow cosplayers Mashashy and Aisha Anime in the advert for Geeks on E4 (see second 5-6 in the advert and you’ll catch a glimpse!) The show is a six part series, featuring friends with ‘geeky’ hobbies who are jetted off abroad to experience new things! Our hobby was of course cosplay and conventions!

It wasn’t quite what I expected, but of course I am not totally naïve, an all-expenses paid holiday naturally comes with strings attached! You’ll of course have to tune in to see it all unfold!

geeks horrible tweetsThe TV advert for the show has received mainly negative feedback online. I am not surprised – it is a horrible advert and poorly edited! The majority of comments are regarding how insulting, condescending, patronising and judgmental the show concept appears. There has been a few positive comments but they are few and far between.

Regarding the advert and the way the show has been advertised; I do not know what happened in the other episodes, but I personally did not get drunk or hook up with anyone! I also went to University for four years… I know how to party and do not need ‘advice’ from anyone, a tour guide as in a different country…yes! I can only hope that when the show airs it will have more depth (I am being very optimistic).

geeks becca by the poolAnyway, I can reveal that the episode I am in will be aired Monday 23 December at 8pm on E4 (Freeview channel 28). I have not seen the episode, so it will be the first time watching for me too! Don’t worry, I am all prepared for cringeworthy moments as well as nasty tweets! Overall, I don’t care what the ‘general public’ thinks of me personally, but what they think of cosplay and conventions in general. I just generally wanted to raise awareness of something I enjoy. I hope by attempting to make something better, I haven’t made things worse. There are a couple of other cosplay focused episodes in the series, so I really hope at least one of them hits the nail on the head!

While my episode airs on 23/12/13 I will be doing a live tweet feed on @leagueofcosplay to clarify things and to answer any questions you may have while watching.

The advert if you haven’t seen it already!