Doctor Who Companion Cosplayers

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is approaching which has caused the public to reminisce and debate about who their favourite Doctor Who is. However it is important to remember that it is not just the Doctor that has made the show what it is. Where would our beloved Doctor be without his trusted companion to help him save the day? So I spoke with several ‘companion’ cosplayers who shared their love for the show and the character.

Rose Tyler – Kerraldine
Photographer Heroes Alliance UK (check them out!)

rose kerraldine psDoctor Who… what can I say? He’s a man who fascinates me, makes me laugh, teaches me, someone I would wait for life to travel with, and very few people, let alone men, have me under their spell like the Doc. I could only dream of being his companion. Rose was the one I found a piece of me in. She is probably is the only girl next door character in a show who you would actually find next door and not in a Victoria Secrets catalogue. Heck, she is beautiful but not the whitened teeth and perfect body type. She is feisty, cheeky, flirtatious, common as muck, hair with grown out roots, tomboyish/practical clothes, funny and by god she loves her chips. She is us, the every day girls who watch the show, who dream of being special enough for the Doctor to look at and notice, the one he would choose to take on his adventures. She is the modern day Cinderella, she makes us feel worthy of the Doctor, and in that she keeps our dream alive that there is something more out there for us than the council estate.

kelldarDonna Noble – Kelldar
Photographer Chasing Photography

Doctor Who was a show that a ton of my friends liked, but I put off watching it for ages, even though I knew it was something I’d like. I finally caved and my husband (who grew up watching classic Doctor Who) and I watched seasons 1-4 over the space of a few weeks. I’ve always been a fan of time travel, and I love the humor and the characters. I’ve really loved all of 9/10’s companions; I don’t really look anything like Rose or Martha, so Donna it was. She’s grown on me even more since I started costuming as her.

amy pond hayleyAmy Pond – Hayley Smith

I love Amy! Her feistiness is brilliant and I love her story line, the fact the Doctor met her when she was a child was a brilliant idea to really set a friendship between 11 year old Amelia. She also has a lot of personality traits I have, she’s a little flirty and quirky with an incredible stroppiness that reminds me of myself. Her outfits are nice because they compliment her red hair, one of my favourite outfits is her teal coat she wears in “Vincent and the Doctor” which happens to be one of my favourite episodes and her Kissogram outfit is possibly my favourite of series 5, I like that Karen’s style comes through when she’s playing Amy which means normally it’s quite fashion forward.

marthaMartha Jones – Jarrell Davis

Doctor Who is a show I became interested in back in 2011 because of my college friends. However, I didn’t watch the show until 2012. I started with the reboot, unlike everyone else I wasn’t taken with Billie’s character during season 2. She grudgingly had my respect from season 1 and that just melted away. Then season 3 occurred! Smith and Jones was refreshing! It was a change of pace from the love story overtone that had featured in season 2. Martha was bright woman, working to be a Doctor and even more importantly she had her head on her shoulders. She was a woman that knew where she wanted to go in life. I could understand that completely! Her family was a mess, she was the glue that held them together. Her love life didn’t exist at that moment and she was a bit of a geek. Martha Jones had a crush on the Doctor since that day on the moon, but she outgrow it and walked away. She did what no character in RTD’s era did…walked away intact. Martha is a severally underrated character and I cosplay her because there are fans like me that see her for the amazing companion she was. Martha Jones is the only companion that I found myself truly connecting with…

claraClara (Oswin) Oswald – Red Riding Cosplay
Photographer Sofia Diaz

I’ve always loved Sci-fi stories, time-travelling, distant worlds and paradoxes. A few years ago a friend talked to me about Doctor Who and Torchwood, I started seeing it and fell in love with the whole Doctor Who universe. As a Sci-fi geek, the show has got it all covered, but it also made me dream, laugh and cry (sometimes all in one!). I just love the show! As for my cosplay, I was looking for a companion that I could identify with. When Clara was introduced, she blew my mind – she’s hilarious, brave and I find her outfits awesome! I didn’t doubt cosplaying her even a little! I’m even working on more of her outfits to cosplay!

rose kelly jeanRose Tyler – Kelly Jean
Photographer Sebastian Matthews

I like Doctor Who because it is quintessentially British, and who doesn’t? It’s like tea and the Queen. It’s quirky, odd, fun and at points very unpredictable. Rose is a funny character who I think has the best chemistry with the Doctor, more so than the other companions, which is why I like her a lot.

Madame de Pompadour – Cherazor’s Closet

madame de pomadorDoctor Who is just one of those shows that I adore – it’s got everything! You can go from laughing your head off, to crying your eyes out, to hiding underneath your bed within minutes of the same episode. I’ve always had a soft spot for time traveling adventures.

When I chose to cosplay Reinette, it was due to several factors; she’s just such an elegant character and her gowns are to die for! I’ve always wanted to make myself a dress like that, so when a friend of mine told me she wanted to cosplay a clockwork droid but couldn’t come up with a good reason for it, I told her “if you do the droid, I’ll do Reinette”. However I’m still waiting for her to cosplay the clockwork droid…

157psAmy Pond – Lisa Marie

Amy Pond is definitely my favourite Doctor Who companion. The story of ‘The Girl Who Waited’ is equally beautiful and heartbreaking. I feel for her struggles and her character is so relatable. Before her character developed I’ll admit to cosplaying her originally just because I’m 5’10, ‘slim’ and a redhead…but I grew to love her so much.

Jenny – Lizzie’s Cosplay
Photographer Picture This
jennyThe thing I love about Doctor Who is the reality and morals in the stories. It is not a fairy tale where everyone lives happy ever after. This is about a man who has lost everything and continues to lose the people he loves but keeps fighting anyway.

The thing I love about Jenny is the way she handles the Doctor and her character development she experienced in just that single episode. I loved her right from the start and really hope she returns to Doctor Who.

I chose to cosplay Jenny because first of all I only cosplay the characters I love the most, which makes it a lot more fun! Secondly I cosplayed Jenny because I love her gear! I got the chance to walk around with a gun and be all soldier like! Thirdly, there is so much to Jenny’s character that you can develop that I create my own personality for Jenny after she flew away in the show. Overall she is just such an awesome person to portray! (I know that Jenny is considered as the Doctor’s daughter, more than a ‘companion’ but she is a great supporting character in the show! Lizzie’s Cosplay also does an awesome Rose Tyler!)

amy pond benaAmy Pond – BenaQuee – Costumer and Hoop Dancer
Photographer Bryan Humphrey: Mad Scientist with Camera

It’s such a fun show that will make you forget about your problems during the day and cause you to lose yourself in other worlds. It has also helped me meet so many new and amazing friends that I may never have met before. What I love most about Amy is that she is a fighter, she doesn’t stand down, and she is a strong woman. She also has a great sense of fashion that I’ve taken and warped into my own every day wear!

Funny thing, until 2 years ago, I didn’t even know who Amy was! A very good friend insisted that I looked like this character and told me I have to watch Doctor Who and I’d know what she meant. I started watching the series and once I saw Amy, I KNEW what she was talking about and knew I had to cosplay her. I chose her Kiss-o-gram outfit since it was so iconic and fun, I haven’t turned back since.

lucie millerLucie Miller – Fallyn Angel
Photographer Ionus Photography

I love Doctor Who as it is a truly universal show. It changes with the times, you always have new characters introduced (as well as old), and there is no limit to the types of adventures you’ll experience within the show. This also goes for the audio adventures, which my husband introduced me to. I started with “Blood of the Daleks”, which is where Lucie Miller was first introduced. I loved her immediately! Her strong attitude, fun quips, and she was a true friend to the Doctor. Her story arc is absolutely amazing, and really touches you on multiple levels. I honestly feel she’s one of the best written companions of all Doctor Who.

My husband always cosplays the Eighth Doctor, so it was an obvious choice for me to cosplay Lucie Miller alongside him! It was also fun to design her look based on descriptions within the audio adventures, with help too from the production photos of Sheridan Smith. Lucie is one of my favorite Doctor Who cosplays!

romana iiRomana II – A Portrait of a Timelady

What draws me to Doctor Who is the overall imaginative nature of the show. The writers make the show fun and whimsical, but at the same time send across an important message to the viewers; everyone is important. From the Doctor and his Granddaughter turning two ordinary schoolteachers into fellow defenders of the universe to the unassuming department store clerk and beyond, the Doctor has always been able to find the greatness in ordinary people.

As for why I chose to cosplay Romana II; I first saw her in the serial “City of Death” and adored her right from the start. She outsmarts, out-sasses, and out-maneuvers the Doctor at any given turn, always giving him a run for his money… er… jelly babies. I always find myself drawn to the companions who can match the Doctor intellectually, but Romana has a very unique, inexplicable banter with him that makes them such an awesome pairing. My favorite part of cosplaying her is getting to bicker with my boyfriend who cosplays the 4th Doctor.

amy pond kerenAmy Pond – Keren Lin Creations
Photographer Roy B.a

I love Doctor Who because of the feeling it gives you, like the whole wide universe is right in front of you and all you need to do to explore it is to find a man with a blue box. Amy is my favourite companion (along with Donna), she’s witty, rude at a times, caring and Karen Gillian is hot as hell! Her relationship with the Doctor helps both of them to learn more about themselves and I appreciate it a lot.

Do you have a favourite companion, or perhaps you cosplay a Doctor Who character? Share and comment below I would love to see them!