The Best of…Rogue Cosplayers

Rogue, the Southern Belle of the X-Men, who has the mutant power to absorb others abilities, memories and life force with a simple touch. Rogue is most known for her strength and flight which was permanently obtained from Ms.Marvel. Despite her power, she is also known for her intense relationship with our favourite Cajun Gambit.

Below are some of the top Rogue cosplayers, chosen not just for the quality of their costume but for their passion of the character. Many of the below cosplayers have gone the extra mile – creating several Rogue cosplays, acting out Rogue in a web series and even making additional props, all to help make the character of Rogue come to life!

rogue tabithaTabitha Lyons, England
Photographer Stealth Buda

Rogue is one of the first Marvel characters I fell in love with. When I was a little girl I would wake up early in the morning to watch X-Men on Fox Kids. Even if had seen the episode 10 times before, I would still watch it again just to see Rogue. I would then spend the rest of the day saying ‘hey suga’. When Artyfakes and I decided to cosplay her we knew she was a popular character and we wanted her to stand out, that’s when we decided to make a sentinel head.

Northern Belle, Canada
Photographer Clint Adam Smyth

rogue northern belleMany people do not realize that my name is in fact Rogue. They assume it must be a nick name, or a secret identity, but it is my legal name. My first real exposure to Rogue as a character was in the 90s Animated Series. She was sassy and fun, but above all else she was strong. Not only did she possess great strength and flight, making her one of the more active combatants which I identify with, she was also the mutant that would always have to catch Storm when she maxed out her powers or carried two or three unconscious team members and fly off to safety and I really respected that. Furthermore her Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship with Gambit which I’ve always found so beautiful. Gambit is a ladies man who can have any girl he wants, wants the one girl who can’t have anyone – kills me every time! It is for all these reasons and more that I choose to cosplay Rogue and not just one version of her, my goal is to have every suit. Thus far I’ve managed to make three incarnations of the Jim Lee suit till it was perfected, I commissioned the Legacy/Scarf outfit from Castle Corsetry, and I’ve also made the 80’s suit, Savage Land and even did a variant for the PRIDE parade in Toronto. Rogue continues to be an inspiration to me in my daily life and something I imagine I’ll take to the grave.

rogue ani-miaAni-Mia, America
Photographer RonGejon Photography

I chose to cosplay Rogue because I’ve always found her story line fascinating. She truly was a lost kid who didn’t know which side to really choose. At the same time she was dealing with a very powerful mutant ability that made her naturally want to isolate herself from others. She is a complex character and I really wanted to bring that out in my photo shoot. Plus, I always loved the Gambit/Rogue story line.

rogue monikaMonika Lee, America
Photographer Anna Cosplay Photography 

I mostly chose Rogue because I had wanted to challenge myself to do a spandex suited character. I love X-Men and I was watching the 90s animated series at the time and I just adored how sassy and empowered Rogue was. It also doesn’t help that she’s a cute, southern belle. She’s such a cool, iconic character and I love cosplaying as her.

rogue ryokoRyoko, Russia

The X-Men Universe is my favourite among all the comic worlds, I also love all the movies. In Rogue I found something specially close to me, a strong character with personal tragedy. In the X-Men: Evolution version she’s a teenager, but has this great power, which makes people want to use her, or keeps them from getting close to her. That’s why, being vulnerable from the inside, Rogue often behaves aggressively, detached and avoids getting close to people. I think, each creative person has endured such periods in his or her life and have faced being misunderstood. At first I liked Rogue’s appearance, but then I understood that this character is really close to my heart and I feel comfortable cosplaying her. Of course, I was also touched by the relationship between Rogue and Gambit . In my opinion it’s the most remarkable couple in the whole X-Men Universe.

rogue toryTory Steele, America
Photographer Eric Green

The Rogue cosplay kind of fell into my lap! I’m involved with a lovely X-Men web series called, “Uncanny X-men”. It’s my good friend Eric Greens creation. He contacted me one day asking if I would be interested in portraying Rogue! I had played Polaris in the first season (and continue to portray her as well), and he had faith I could take on the role of Rogue. None of the girls who auditioned quite fit the bill. Of course I was extremely excited and flattered! Who doesn’t love Rogue? I think she has one of the most interesting story lines. I love how despite her upbringing with the brotherhood, she follows her heart and chooses good over evil. She’s a strong female role model and inspires girls to do what’s right, no matter the outside influences. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a sassy southern belle either, just like me!

rogue bellechereBelleChere, America
Photographer Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

Rogue was my first cosplay, ever. I’ve related to her fiery spirit, her sass, and her continual yearning for that which she cannot have ever since I was a little girl watching the 90s X-Men cartoon. Bringing her to life via cosplay has always felt natural!

rogue jeanneJeanne Kiljoy, America Photographer The Average Nerd

Rogue has always been my favorite character. As a kid, I remember watching X-Men and X-Men Evolution. I think she was my favorite based off of her hair and style alone. As I got older, I felt that I could relate to her more and more, and I started reading more of her story arcs in the comics. Being that she was my favorite character, it only seemed appropriate that I cosplayed her. I try to do as many costume variations as possible. I think I’m up to five, and I want to do more lol. I really feel attached to my Rogue cosplays like they’re a part of me now.

rogue cosplay tayCosplay Tay, America
Photographer Fremen9 Photography

The reason I love cosplaying as Rogue is because I feel like she is a strong, young powerful woman I can relate to. Now I am not a super-feminist or anything, but I feel like I connect with Rogue because of her southern roots, he ferocity regardless of her young age, and her romantic integrity. I also love cosplaying as Rogue because I love cosplaying with my best friends who cosplay as X-Men, such as Angi Viper, Lonstermash, Lady Lynn, Madison Grey, Jessica LG, Trinity All-Stars, Dead FN Pool, and Lost Boy Cosplay.

rogue therizaTheriza’s Cosplay, Norway/England
Photographer The Unseen Photo

I’ve recently started getting more into comics since I moved to the UK where they are more easily available than back home in Norway. The X-men evolution series, however, is a beloved classic from my childhood, so when I decided I wanted to try a Marvel cosplay for my first ever MCM Comic Con, the choice was simple. I’ve always liked Rogue a lot as a character, her personality, story and powers are very interesting, and it’s something you can really act on as a cosplayer (not to mention the shenanigans, chasing people around and touching their faces (with their consent of course) and playing out the whole “your powers are mine now” game) And of course, she looks damn cool!

rogue kelly jeanKelly Jean, England
Photographer Redkun Photography

I love Rogue because she is very strong, capable and fiesty (at least more so in the comics/cartoon – I am not keen on her movie depiction). I think most people who cosplay want to cosplay the character traits they admire and look up to and that’s why I like to cosplay as her.

rogue yokoYoko Mizuhara Cosplay, America
Photographer MV Photography

Rogue is one of my favorite characters to cosplay with my Savage Land being my 3rd Rogue outfit I’ve made and I already have several more planned soon. I’ve loved Rogue since I was a child watching the cartoons. She’s a sassy, strong southern belle which I really looked up to!

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