Intro to Decora By Mata Chan

mata chan 01Mata Chan, moderator of the official Decora Facebook page and an alternative model provides a 101 on Decora fashion.

mata chan 02Decora fashion is a Japanese style, made popular in the 1990s. The Harajuku street old style is colourful, fanciful, and filled with over the top accessories. In 2000, the next generation of Decora arrived which involved less accessories, more pastel colours and make up.

My fashion has been influenced by Decora style for four years. I like the style as it reminds me of my childhood! I also like the bright, joyful colours that are typical trademark in the style.

My favourite things to wear when dressing Decora are ribbons, clips and anything that gives the outfit that original touch.

mata chan 03I would recommend the best places to get Decora items is Harajuku or Shibuya In Tokyo. Of course this is hard for most Decora fan’s to do on a regular basis, so I would recommend one of my favourite websites Doki Doki 6.  Or why not try making some of your own original creations?

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