Intro to Fairy Kei by MoriAngel

fairy kei 02

Kibo Cheung, owner of independent brand MoriAngel from Tokyo introduces us to the world of the beautifully innocent Fairy Kei style.

fairy kei 01The Fairy Kei style inspiration is from the 80s to early 90s of Western fashion. Light, soft and kawaii colours such as pink and white are the main characteristics. Fairy Kei followers will rarely wear the colour black! The style is mainly know for highlighting innocence and youth. Fairy Kei style captures popular cultural and musical references.

One of Tokyo’s famous fashion influencers Sayuri Tabuchi (aka Tavuchi) founded the Spank!, a 1980s clothing store, where, you can find items such as vintage Vanilla Ice and Madonna t-shirts, Care Bears and everything a Fairy Kei follower needs to keep in style! It’s popularity helped launched the style mainstream, after this many more shops appeared.

Fairy Kei 03I love the style because  it is so very kawaii! If you are looking to get some Fairy Kei pieces, here are some of my favourite Fairy Kei brands and shops!

As previously mentioned, Spank!


Nile perch

Although I love to shop for Fairy Kei clothes and accessories…I love to make and design them too! I have my own brand called Moriangel, which sells items for those who follow Fairy Kei.

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