Intro to Lolita by Marie Zannou

zannou marie 02Marie Zannou, dedicated Lolita who was recently crowned kawaii leader of France  for the TV NHK Kawaii International, shares her love of Lolita fashion and gives some top tips for getting started…

zannou marie 01Personally, I think fashion is put together of everything we love.  It creates an identity and shows who you are! It’s true that I love many different styles, but what I love most about fashion is the fact that I feel free to wear anything I want, to find new combinations every day. Invent, innovate, and do crazy things! I have already been a Lolita girl for four years and somewhere along the way it made me stronger and I gained confidence, I no longer care about critics.

Before I became Lolita, I was interested in Japanese movies, dramas, j-pop  but I discovered the Lolita style when I was in secondary school. I watched a clip of the beautiful Nana Kitade! I was really interested by her style so I did some research and discovered Lolita. I began step by step, it is not an easy fashion to wear, especially in secondary school, so I began with some ribbons in the hair, then the socks and lastly skirts and dresses. My parents, as well as many other people thought it would not last.  Four years later, here I am still following Lolita style!

zannou marie 03I love wearing good fashioned, cute and smart clothes. In this style, I have found that you feel different to most people, feeling like the only one to be dressed in this manner (although the fashion is becoming more popular), but It is a pleasure to be dressed differently from others, although I appreciate lots of different styles, my favourite is Lolita.

Some top tips for being Lolita, be patient and do not be discouraged! You can’t become Lolita in one day! Don’t pressure yourself about what other people think or say. It’s good to follow the “basics rules” of Lolita but don’t forget that you can do what you want, have your little thing that others don’t have, that is what makes you an unique Lolita. I’ll add that it’s not the brand who make the Lolita, even I don’t wear brand all the time! Don’t hesitate to ask for advice and help to improve!

zannou marie 04If you are looking for Lolita clothes and accessories I would say go online! It’s online that I buy almost all my clothes! Like the recent site ! It’s a seller who imports almost everything, especially Lolita and Harajuku street items from Japan! It has a lot of choice, is very varied and original! There are also Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Innocent World which I like a lot, generally I buy their items second hand. I also spent 4 years studying dressmaking professionally at  school so I often make my own dresses!

Thank you for this introduction to Lolita! Keep updated with all of Zannou Marie’s style updates via her blog or follow her on Facebook