The Best of…Harley Quinn

harley quinn jessica nigri

Harley Quinn, much loved DC villain, hopelessly devoted to the Joker and Poison’s Ivy partner in crime.Harley Quinn is a very popular cosplay and there are so many amazing Harley’s out there – here are just some of the best I could find from around the world!

Jessica Nigri, America
Photographer Larry Alan

Harley Quinn is the psychotic clingy girlfriend we all are deep inside. We all don’t want to let you go, we all would do anything for you, and if you ever left us we would kill you!

harley quinn 01Alienqueen, England
Photographer Sonesh Joshi Photography

I absolutely love Harley Quinn, shes obsessive, crazy, and in your face all the time, she doesn’t care about anything apart from her beloved Joker! I loved being her, and I love seeing peoples interpretations of her.

Paula Vasquez, Argentina

harley quinn paula vasquezHarley was my favourite character from BTAS as a child. When I started cosplaying I wanted to make her costume so much but I wasn’t sure I could nail it, and there were some other facts on my way. My first Harley (Adam Hughes design) costume was not made entirely by me because I thought I wasn’t going to make it wrong. The next ones were entirely made by me as I could, the steampunk version from NoFlutter, the Xmas version from the comic Batgirl’s adventures and the Injustice:gods among us costume. I love the diferent costumes she has through time, comics, games and blah blahs, I love the fact of the variety but I don’t consider that everyone of them fits the character as Bruce Timm design does. But going back to the point, I love her crazy, funny, evil and crazy in love personality, also wearing her costume at conventions is very funny, you can make silly faces in photos, laugh, behave like a child and act sexy as well. Harley Quin has a very rich personality and you have a lots of fun playing her!

Cotton Candy Cosplay, England
Photographer Oxte*Photo

cotton candy 6I have always been a huge fan of Harley Quinn. I just love her bubbly personality, the things she does and the stuff she says. I can really relate to her hopeless romance with the joker the fact she is so stubborn and wont give up on him – he throws her out a window..,she comes running back I think somewhere deep down he does love her, he just doesn’t know how to show it so he lash’s out.

I have never been confident with my body so wearing a catsuit was never on my list of things to do, but Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters so I decided to bite the bullet and try, and with all of the lovely comments I had so far its been a real confidence boost

Harley Quinn Brazillian Cosplay, Brazil

harley cosplay brazilI identify myself with Harley, the way she acts, and her craziness too! I think the character is very strong , not  physical, but psychologically. Harley was a doctor and while she was working at Arkham Asylum she fell in love with the Joker. I think she saw what no one else ever saw. The other side of Joker, even if he lied to her about his past just to get out of Arkham.  In my opinion, the Joker really likes her, if he didn’t, she already would be dead. I know he already tried to kill her and blah… but gee… What relationships doesn’t have its ups and downs…

It feels so good to cosplay Harley as I  can identify myself with her in the way I speak and act. It’s funny because even before I cosplayed her, my friends called me “Harley” as a nickname xD. I’ll confess, one of my dreams is to be the best Harley Quinn cosplayer from Brazil, so I’m trying to make this dream come true with my cosplay page!

harleu eleaeEleae Mischievous Noir, England
Photographer N8E Photography

Harley Quinn was the first character I cosplayed, and I’m glad I did. I love The Dark Knight movies so I decided to check out other batman flicks, including the animated series. I fell a bit in love with Harley because she’s crazy, and fun but also sexy and stylish. At the time of watching that I wasn’t thinking about cosplay, so when it came to choosing, a couple of people suggested her. After that it kind of clicked into place, we seem quite similar, as she’s mental, but easily absorbed by her love of The Joker haha.

My costume isn’t a conventional Harley one, mainly because at the time of starting out, I didn’t have the body confidence to wear purely a spandex catsuit. I adapted her outfit, and tried to keep the basic elements of it, with a hint of OTT as well (in the first version of my outfit -not this one- I have a huge jester hat that I made by hand plus a few other pieces that are not on the outfit pictured).

harley quin eternal moon cosplayEternal Moon Cosplay, Portugal

It’s difficult for me not to love Harley Quinn with all my heart, she’s so cute and yet so deadly! She truly loves her pudding Joker and because of her dedication to him and her humorous side that makes her my favourite character from the DC comics. I decided to make the steampunk version of her from the amazing fan art from NoFlutter. It took me a lot of work and tears but I love it and hopefully it will inspire future Harley’s out there!

Joker’s Harley, America

harleys jokerI love Harley Quinn because as a child I loved how silly and wonderfully positive she was even in bad situations, and as an adult I appreciated her even more! She was still the silly and positive person I loved before, but I could really see her character as someone who is intelligent, yet naive; strong, yet weak; sympathetic, yet hard. Harley is a very deep and well rounded woman with questionable as well as beloved characteristics.

When it came to cosplaying Harley it was definitely a choice that was put forth by my boyfriend, whom you all mostly know him as Anthony Misiano aka Harley’s Joker. I was up for it and he wanted an art project so after a few months of designing, LOTS of trial & error, and LOTS of hard, angering work my Harley cosplay was born!

LuLu’s Cosplay, England
Photographer Paper Cube

lulu harleyI love her wacky personality, I can really get down with that being quite kooky myself; it’s always so refreshing to see a character so full of life and energy she just springs up from the screen or paper. I also empathise with her and am hopeful that she finds her place with the joker, but as I have been when in ‘mad love’ with someone, she’s constantly being used and then pushed away which is sad because I know what that’s like, so I’m rooting for her in a way.

Kerraldine, England
Photographer Matthew Dudley, Sexy Cosplay Girls

harley quinn 01 kerryHarley is a completely unique female comic book character. Looking at ‘classic’ Harley, before the video games got her and the 52 redesign, she was about the laughs, the goofing around, it was all playtime. She wasn’t made to be 5% body, 95% boobs, she wasn’t given a skimpy swimsuit type thong costume but a silly clown costume, she wasn’t about how sex appeal she could ooze to add to the wank bank (yes she was pretty and sexy but more due to her fun loving nature rather than ‘come to bed eyes’). And when the time was right, she would slip on a banana, walk into a door and burp the entire theme tune to ‘Happy Days’. Finally a female character I could relate to. She is the ‘everyman’ in comics for females. So many of us girls feel out of our depth with characters like Wonder Woman or Power Girl, we couldn’t connect with these ‘perfect’ women but when Harley came along with her dreams of the perfect love with the abusive boyfriend and taste for crude humour, I think a lot of us girls felt we found a little bit of ourselves in her. Our attributes, and our faults. When we are Harley, we don’t have to think about our size, our looks, our posture, we don’t have to live up to anything or anyone. We just need to cut loose and let out our inner child and laugh. Laugh so hard, our stomachs hurt, cause as much mischief as a little kid on a sugar trip and if we look derpy on a photo, it’s in character. Most importantly Harley is all this but she’s not stupid. She’s incredibly intelligent and complex which a lot of people doubt in her, and that is their biggest mistake, that is her power, and that same power lies in all girls, they just need to stop listening to the asshole Jokers in their life and realise their full potential.

ryoko harleyRyoko Demon, Russia
Photographer Kifir

I love the circus theme and everything concerned with Harley Quinn. In 2006, I made an original design based on Harley Quinn and people instantly recognised this. So a few years later I decided to actually cosplay as her. The character strongly captured my mind so I made several of her costumes. I love Ame-Comi version most of all. I feel free while cosplaying as her and I can even behave silly. And I especially like her mad love to Mr. J. This cute look, combined with crazy tricks of the character has sunk into my heart.

cyancide kisses 01Cyanide Kisses Cosplay, Ireland
Photographer Stephen Hedley

I love Harley. Always have. Classic of course! Nothing beats her classic! I originally chose her because I felt there was sooo much more to her. They put her as this love sick submissive, but she’s a doctor for crying out loud! One who has captured Batman by herself! She’s the evil genius here. I just adore that she is so intelligent yet chooses to (dare I say it) act the clown I wanted to bring that side of Harley to light for all to see. So Taa-Daa!! Here I am! (^_^)

harley quinn franceLexi Farron Strife Cosplay, France

I love Harley because she’s totally crazy! She’s like me when she’s in love with a boy – addict. She will do anything for her Mr.J. I chose to cosplay her because she’s sexy, a true woman (but sometimes she acts like a little girl) and Batman is my favorite superhero so….

There are so many great Harley’s I just couldn’t include them all! Here are some more: My Harley and BeyondIllyria Cosplay, Zonic, Destiny Nickelsen 

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