The Best of…Wolverine Cosplayers

The celebrate the release of new film The Wolverine which is out 26th July 2013. I have gathered some of the best Wolverine cosplayers from across the globe!

Wolverine Marcel PerezMarcel Perez, Brazil

After X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released, model and personal trainer Marcel Perez aged 35, was constantly compared to his similarity with Australian actor Hugh Jackman, so Marcel decided to create the costumes of the film, participating in trade fairs, anime conventions like Wolverine he even won the first prize of the Fest Comix 2012.
Marcel says, “I just love Wolverine, it’s very rewarding to be a character that I love and which pleases adults and children”. Fun fact, Marcel has two types of claws one timber and another replicating the traditional adamantium metal claws.

wolverine raulRaul Herrera-Acuna, Chile/England
Photographer ACE A.M.P Photography

Wolverine is one of the most iconic Marvel characters of the new century. He is not the strongest or the most powerful… but  he is probably the bravest. His life has been full of bad situations, suffering and anger. However, he still fights, he still tries to find some happiness and he is always trying to save the future. That’s why I choose to cosplay him, because of his unstoppable spirit… and because I look a bit like him, hehehehe.

wolverine alessandroAlessandro Bro Boss, Italy

Wolverine is my favourite X-Men and superhero. I love his personality and his power to regenerate. When the marvel produced the film, initially I did not like wolverine because it was different from the comic, but then I changed my mind and now I would not see anyone else better than Hugh.

magu cosplay

Mago Cosplay, Mexico
Photographer Daniel Lopez Hubbar

I have a general love for the character and love his personality, history and design. In fact I love the majority of the X-Men, but Wolverine and Gambit are my favorites. For me it is always very special, to portray one of my favorite characters with cosplay.

Christopher Perrin, England

wolverine christopher perrinsLogan “Wolverine” has been my favourite comic book character for many years, his personality has been very faithfully portrayed by Mr. Jackman for the past 10+ years, and his portrayal as Logan in X-Men Origins Wolverine has made a lasting impression on me, mainly because we get to see more of Logan’s personality changes and understand why he is like he is in the previous X-Men films.

My costume is a Homage to Hugh’s work, and one that is rarely ever portrayed. I’am depicting Logan serving in the US Army during the Vietnam war. My other Passion is Vietnam Reenactment so this was a natural costume choice for me, to combine two of my interests and get it screen accurate.

Lonstermash, Los Angeles, America
Photographer APE Photography

wolverine lon brownLon, is aged 43 and has loved Wolverine since he started reading the X-Men comics when he was 13. “I liked Wolverine for his bad ass attitude mixed with his good heart and loyalty”. Lon loved Hugh Jackman’s portrayal, and felt it embodied everything Wolverine was. One day Lon was at Universal Studios getting a caricature artist pointed out that Lon looked like Wolverine, planting the seed that Lon should cosplay Wolverine. Lon later dressed up as our hero for Halloween. Last year Lon  found out about Stan Lee’s Comikaze in LA and decided to showcase his Wolverine cosplay there; “I had NO idea of just how good of a reaction I ended up receiving. I’m not kidding when I say I think I had more pictures taken of me and more compliments given to me those 2 days than I have had in my entire life!”

wolverine andreiEdward Dean Draven, England
Photographer Andrei Guiamoy Photography

I love Wolverine because when I started reading comics back in 90/91 X-Men issue 4 was the first comic I read and it was a Wolverine driven story marking the first appearance of Omega Red, it also featured Maverick and Sabertooth, both characters I love! I chose to cosplay Wolverine in his classic yellow form because that is what he wore in the comics I read as a kid and the cartoon series as well, which was a big show for me.

wolverine 01David French, England

Wolverine has got to be one of THE most over-rated characters in comic book history. The tongue in cheek Wolverine vs. Galactus comic (Wolverine 138 if I remember) sums up why he is a prick! But don’t get me wrong he is a prick I have grown to love. Hulk was always my No.1 super-guy, and Wolverine was always his nemesis. Hence I never got off to a good start with him. Stories like Old Man Logan and Enemy of the State have been among his best, but he is a popular, stalwart of the Marvel Universe who just seems to get more and more popular as time goes by. I have two issues of his first appearance: Hulk 181 which will set you back a measley £500 if you should care to own one. If Hulk is my favourite why do I cosplay Wolverine? Its a no brainer. Never in my most steroid induced pumps could I come close to looking like Hulk… But Wolverine? A short, hairy guy with a temper who enjoys drinking too much… That’s a fucking walk in the park for me!

marvel kinghtMarvel Knight, America

I chose Wolverine because he was my favorite character growing up and having to go through all the struggles he went through and still being the best at what he does motivates me to try and be better at everything and show people no matter how many times you fall down you gotta still get back up and try your best.

Even the girls love Wolverine! Here are a few of the best Wolverina’s!

608pssbwChiquitita Cosplay, Spain/England 

I decided to design my own version of a female Wolverine because I really like the character and his attitude. I chose to do the yellow version because it reminds me of a wrestling outfit, it also inspired me to add Jeff Hardy arm bands!

Stephanie Castro, San Diego, America
Photographer Sebastian Jespersen

wolverine stephanieI cosplayed Wolverine because hands down (claws down?) he is my favourite comic character of all time. Wolverine’s greatest battles we’re my absolute favourite, because who doesn’t love a ferocious animalistic warrior as a little girl? My brother and I used to collect those awesome fleer trading cards in the 90s and there was also the X-men animated show which solidified him as my all time favourite. Even though he didn’t really unleash ungodly hurt in the series it was fun that he was always a big old grump with a heart of gold. To summarise, I love Wolverine because of how many different people he has been and can be. He’s a fragmented character with so many different histories but he is always “the same” if that makes sense. He’s a badass but he usually has some sense of morality (some) and is a softy for moooost women (that aren’t his enemies) he always seems to be trying to protect those weaker than him even if he doesn’t want to. No matter who he is or whatever his motives are, he’s an epic fighter and he never half asses anything. My cosplay was based off of the xmen animated series pictures and I didn’t make it to be the female version of him, but as a sort of lady tribute to him.

SpiderCam Cosplay, England
Photographer Sexy Cosplay Girls (SCG)

wolverine camilleI decided to cosplay Wolverine as I’d been watching a lot of the old cartoons around the time of London Super Comic Con 2013. He’s just such a bad ass, cool character! I just love everything about the X-Men films, cartoons and comics. And who wouldn’t want huge Adamantium claws to grow out when you’re feeling angry?! This was my own version of a fem Wolverine, I hadn’t seen many girls do it so wanted to give it a try! Wearing those claws for the day was too much fun.”

Have you cosplayed Wolverine? Please share below, I would love to see it!