The Best of…Poison Ivy

Dr.Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy,  one of DC’s most famous femme fatales and Batman villain. Ivy uses  plant toxins and pheromones to reek havoc in a bid to protect the environment. Ivy’s cosplay can truly be interpreted in many forms with various versions to be used as inspiration from the comics, animated series and even the 90’s movie. Below are some of the best Ivy cosplays I have found from around the globe!

Aranel cosplayAranel Cosplay, Scotland
Photographer KerryBeckerPhotography

I love Ivy as she is my ultimate favourite DC villain and femme fatale! I was never really mad for any of her designs though until I saw the bishoujo figure and knew I had to make it! We also both work on photosynthetic organism in a laboratory…

Poison Ivy Alexia jean GreyAlexia Jean Grey, America 
Photographer: Elysiam Entertainment

There are to many reasons why I love Ivy so much. For starters her outfit can be imagined in so many different ways, the basis of her red hair and leaves can be so simple or over the top. This is why I decided to come up with a more original concept to her outfit by including vines and flowers (one of my wrist vines has Ivy hearts Bats scratched in it!). I am also a huge Batman fan, and she is my favorite character because I love how seductive of a villain she is and her adorable relationship with Harley Quinn.

lise ivyLise Toftdahl Oleson, Denmark/England
Photographer Shinigami Photography

Poison Ivy is currently one of my favorite characters to cosplay, I have always loved the Batman universe for as long as I can remember. As I got older, Poison Ivy started to really appeal to me because she is such a strong minded woman, who don’ take no’ shiz from no’ man!  She is also such a sexy and confident character and that really inspires me as I feel it is so important to be comfortable and happy with yourself and your body.

cj poison ivy

CJ-Coconut Jacobs, Virginia, America
Photographer Paper Tiger Productions

Pamela Isley, better known to the masses as the green goddess, Poison Ivy, is the perfect specimen of femininity. Not only is she a vixen, seductress and temptress but also a top notch super villain and let’s be honest, bad girls always have more fun! Poison Ivy mirrors mother nature herself, she can be both beautiful and deadly at the same time.

jennie poison ivypsMiss Jennie Poison, England

Poison Ivy is hands down my favourite comic book character, and Uma Thurman’s portrayal is hands down my favourite incarnation of the crazy plant lady. Many people may question my taste, the film is often regarded as something of a joke amongst Batman fans, but I happened to be 11 years old when the film Batman and Robin was released. I was mesmerized by the over-the-top, riot of colour, and in particular the unique grandeur of Ivy. As a lifelong geek and costume addict, who happened to grow up to resemble Uma Thurman, the choice to make this outfit was easy. I had seen so many variations of Ivy in her leafy green leotard being cosplayed and wanted to do something I hadn’t seen before! Tackling the costume involved amongst other things, boiling and attempting to dip dye a catsuit in a saucepan, leather work, making my own eyebrow prosthetics, and the worlds most heavy wig! After all the hard work, I enjoyed every second of wearing this costume, and plan to recreate several of her other outfits from the movie.

emc ivy

EMC Cosplay, France
Photographer Yls Novak

I have cosplayed three versions of Ivy; classic, green skin and Steampunk. I chose to cosplay Poison Ivy because it is one of my favorite characters in DC. It is red, pulpy, both sweet and intelligent dangerous evil, I love its design history and caratère. I love the complexity of the character and the fact that she control plants.

Poison Ivy Rei DollRei Doll, Russia
Photographer Kifir

Well, I must say that it wasn’t love from first sight, but the more I learned about Dr. Pamela Isley the more I understood what an amazing character she is! A clever, strong, beautiful woman, she has reasons to be a villain and I can understand her sometimes! This costume planned to be a team project of DC Universe cospaly. My friend Ryoko cosplayed as Harley Quinn so I was meant to be Poison Ivy, as they even have a special comics together. So I made the costume and in the end and don’t feel bad about it. Definitely Poison Ivy is one of my most favourite comics’ characters now!

Lupin cosplayLupin Cosplay, Denmark
Photographer SAKS Photography

I love plants and nature, and from the old comics and cartoons of Batman, I found her very interesting in so many ways, even though she was a villain. Then back when I first saw Batman & Robin, I totally fell in love with how Uma Turman played out the character, and that simply placed Poison Ivy as my alfa omega female kick-ass villain! I guess she captured my inner feminist of some sort, and the thought of being the “ruler of nature” and getting the chance of being a real bitch – just once – really just had me going for a long time with this costume. I really don’t like doing “sexy” cosplays, but with Ivy it was simply something I had to try out! – I choose an original design version of her, from an amazing artist from Deviant Art – mostly because I thought the design was really thrilling and I thought I had seen enough of her “leaf-bathing-suite” which I’ve already seen a lot of awesome cosplayers do.

lady chaos image 3Jackie Kennedy, England
Photographer Paul Holroyd

I’ve always loved the character Poison Ivy, for a few simple reasons. I’m a very earthy girl and love nature, I always vote green so I associated myself with her for that.I have been dying my hair red for 20 years and my favourite colour is green, so It’s almost the perfect character for me. I loved the retro 50’s style Ivy, sexy with a little curve to her. There’s not much else other than she’s bad ass and who wouldn’t love the power to control nature the way she does, I wish I had her green fingers.

Tallest Silver, California, America
poison ivy tallest silver

Poison Ivy is one of my all time favorite characters. She works on her own agenda, on her terms, or she will make the situation go on her terms. My parents have always called me their little flower child and I do have that eco-friendly side of me, and growing up as a redhead, I always felt a kindred spirit with Poison Ivy watching Batman: The Animated Series. She’s a femme fatale for sure, but she also has a lot of heart concerning her plants and small children. Her love/hate relationship with Batman is irresistible, as Batman is the only man she actually loves but he’s the one who is immune to her charms.

I have several Poison Ivy costumes, and plan to make several more, but the one I’m cosplaying here is from The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, both graphic novels by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

Poison Ivy Lisa Moffat

Bloodwolf Cosplay, England
Photographer Kyle McVean Photography

I love Posion Ivy and picked to cosplay her because she is a very confident person – she is hot and she knows it! It was fun to act like her for a day and it gave me a big confidence boost in myself. I had a blast!

617091_375244189219388_885463050_oTarachu iChooseyou , Connecticut, America
Photographer FirstPerson Shooter

My first encounter with Poison Ivy was from Batman: The Animated Series. I love how her and Harley Quinn were total gal pals and seemed to balance each other out. Poison Ivy is a favorite of mine because she is a smart and sexy character.I chose to cosplay her because my friends were putting together a small Batman group. I completed the costume in about four days because the idea was somewhat last minute. Haha!

poison ivy alien queen

AlienQueen, England
Photographer Darren Rowley

I love Ivy because she can seduce you in seconds and kill you with one touch of the lips! Ivy is beautiful and clever and she’ll have you wrapped in her vines in a second.

Please comment below! If you have cosplayed Ivy please share below, I would love to see them!