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This week’s cosplayer of the week is D2SCosplay, known for her accuracy and fondness of cosplaying LOTR and gaming characters. D2SCosplay is ONECon’s special cosplay guest this year!

How long have you been cosplaying for?
I’ve been cosplaying since 2008 when I first wore a shop-bought Hinata from Naruto Cosplay! Since then I’ve personally made 12 costumes with more on the way!

What inspires you to choose your next cosplay?
I’ve always been a gamer and love playing as different characters. Cosplaying gives me the opportunity to physically become those characters which is amazing fun, plus you get to learn lots of useful skills.

ruthy 02What future cosplays can we expect to see from you?
I’m currently working on Doreah from Game of Thrones but that’s a smaller project really. I’ll be making ‘Black Mage Esmerelda’ from Skirtzz Disney Dressphere series later in the year before I likely move on to a Skyrim costume and Domino from Marvel comics.

What do you find the most challenging part of making your cosplays?
Deciding who to make!  Haha there are so many amazing characters to Cosplay, choosing is really hard. I’m generally better with armour than fabric so pure fabric costumes like Mulan (who I made earlier this year ) are a lot harder for me!

You have been cosplaying since 2008, what changes have you seen in the cosplay community over the years you have been participating?
When I first got into Cosplay the community seemed a lot more laid back than it is now and there wasn’t any of this ‘fake geek girl’ drama around or anything! It seems to be a bit more competitive now and I think it’s definitely growing in popularity which is a good thing!

When you’re not cosplaying or at a convention what can we find you doing?
I normally study I.T &Business at university and spend most of my time doing that, playing video games and making costumes!

ruthy 04Do you see cosplay just as a hobby, or something that could progress into a professional career?
For the time being it’s just a hobby but I really hope it becomes a part time career for me!

If yes, how are you pursuing into making your cosplay into a career?
I have a facebook page ‘D2SCosplay’ for anyone interested in following my work. I’d like to do commissions one day- when I’m not a student and have more free time!

What advice would you give to those seeking a professional career through their cosplay?
Hmm, that’s a tricky one. You need to build up a fan base first really so things like a Facebook page and a website are a must. If you’re going into commissions then you need to get your work out there, so entering masquerades and attending as many conventions as possible!

How did you feel when you were asked to be a cosplay guest at ONEcon guest?
I was really thrilled to be asked to be a guest!  ONECon looks to be a fantastic new convention and I’m looking forwards to wearing my costumes there and giving some panels. Cosplay’s a massive part of my life and I hope I can as Cosplay is a massive part of my life and I hope I can help more people get into it.

Ruthy 05Can you reveal what you will be cosplaying at ONEcon and why you chose this?
I’ll be cosplaying as Lady Hawke from Dragon Age: II and Tauriel from The Hobbit.  I’m a big Dragon Age fan and love cosplaying Hawke, plus it’s a great example of craft foam armor! I made Tauriel earlier this year and it’s a really fun costume to wear, plus with the second Hobbit film being released later this year it’s pretty topical.  I may well bring Mulan too as it’s always fun to Cosplay Disney characters!

You are a big LOTR fan and have cosplayed several characters from the series, what is it about it you love so much?
I’ve always been a massive LOtR fan- I just love the expansive world and Tolkien’s languages and lore. I have two lord of the rings tattoos so am definitely a hardcore fan! Boromir is my only crossplay so far as I really love his design and I worked on my own Ranger costume last year too.

You have cosplayed quite a few gaming characters, would you classify yourself as a ‘gamer girl’?
The whole ‘gamer girl’ image seems to generally refer to girls pretending to be into video games to seem more interesting so I’m not sure I want to classify myself as one! However I definitely am a hardcore gamer and very nerdy so maybe I am one!

ruthy 03What are your feelings towards ‘sexy cosplays’?
I’m more into accuracy so don’t tend to over sexualise cosplays. Cosplaying a sexy character is fun, I really enjoy being Morrigan from Dragon Age but I don’t really get the whole ‘sexying’ a character up as sometimes you lose the essence of the character!

What advice would you give a first time con-goer?
Just be yourself and have fun! Conventions are an awesome way to meet likeminded people and get further into the anime, manga and gaming scenes.  So don’t be afraid to cosplay and get involved!

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Meet D2SCosplay at ONECon 24-25 August 2013

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