E3 Summary

Daniel Smith Blogger from GameReaction shares his views about what everyone has been talking about this week…E3

So, E3 has come and gone. It’s the large industry-only event for developers and publishers to show off their new games to the press. I didn’t go this year. I’m assuming my press pass got lost in the post. Like most people, I was forced to find a website streaming it, and watch from there.

Xbox-OneWe’re on the cusp of a new console generation and yet I can’t help feeling disenfranchised with the industry, and the fans that support it. Obviously, rather than do anything proactive, I’ll just be a keyboard warrior and sigh every time someone mentions how terrible the new Xbox is.

I’ve written extensively on GameReaction about the Xbox One, the used games debate, and the circlejerk surrounding the ‘features’ of the new console. Let’s get one thing straight, and this applies to all products, whatever field they happen to be in: The manufacturer owes you nothing. You are not ‘entitled’ to any feature, regardless of what you want or don’t want from the console. Sitting and whinging online will not change anything. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but I suspect many of you will buy the Xbox One anyway, despite having complained about it online. I’m not a fan of many of the Xbox One restrictions, but I know where my loyalties lie.

Equally are tiresome as the people complaining about the Xbox One are the people celebrating the Playstation 4 as if it was the second coming. People were applauding things that we already have in this generation of consoles, like sharing games, or paying for an online service, proving that Sony has done very little, other than capitalise on Microsoft’s PR disaster.

PS4_11We got a good look at the Playstation 4 console as well. It could be just me, but I think for slabs of plastic with a hole to put your disc (I said disc!) in, they look near identical. That visual stimulus, or lack thereof, shows how homogenised the console wars have become. There in the corner sits the Wii U, looking increasingly more appealing to me.

Then we come to the price. I’ve said in other articles I’ve written that I don’t have much money to spare. Forking out on a console is a significant investment to me. We learned the prices of both Microsoft and Sony’s machines, and that PS4 would undercut Xbox One by £80 in Britain. Ouch. The American launch price of the Xbox One is $499, which also seems like a lot, but it’s best not to forget that the Playstation 3 launched for $100 dollars more. Of course, I haven’t brought up how British gamers are being shafted by conversion rates and VAT, meaning it would actually be cheaper for me, whichever console I was buying, to import one from the states.

But I don’t want to write a totally boring whingy post. I just feel I ought to me more excited about E3 when new consoles are being revealed. I figure I’ll have to wait until I get the opportunity to play both before I make an informed decision.

It’s not all about the consoles, it’s also about the games. I’m going to list some games that I was really excited about. There were a couple of games that I was disappointed by (here’s looking at you Final Fantasy XV), but I’ve been negative enough in this article so far.


Walking_Dead_400_Days_13709152778954-260x218The Walking Dead: 400 Days

I cant express how much I love Telltales Walking Dead game. I would argue that it’s possibly the best game of this console generation, if not, one of the best games ever. This DLC adds 5 new stories to play through, and I’m sure they’ll be just as uncomfortable as anything you encountered when looking after Clementine.

 Dead Rising Three

If there’s anything that’s going to seal my purchasing of an Xbox One, it’s Dead Rising. I’m a big fan of zombies, and I’m really pleased that Capcom have chosen to give the series a darker tone and take away some of the silly stuff. It was nice, but a lot of the time felt forced.

pokemon_x1boxart_160hPokemon X and Y

I surprised myself with this one. I’ve not played a Pokemon game since Gold and Silver. I always assumed that Pokemon was something you played for a bit then grew out of, and yet, watching the new trailer I feel compelled to return to the series and see what’s changed. I can be quite confident I will only make a team of Generation I creatures, because they are the ones I know.

That Halo Trailer

This was something totally unexpected (I mean, you can expect a Halo game at a Microsoft press conference, but not a reveal like this). We saw a hooded figure navigating the desert in a sandstorm, like a Jawa or a gritty, realistic version of Journey. The ground collapses in front of this figure, a mechanical beast rises from the sand. The hood comes back to reveal Chief. This’ll be an interesting direction for the series.

Smash Brothers Wii U

I don’t know about you, but Smash Brothers has been my go-to game when I’ve got friends round. We’d have a couple of beers, then taunt each other whilst punching each others lights out (in game). With Megaman, a villager from Animal Crossing, and bizarrely, the trainer from Wii Fit entering the fray, it’s sure to be as fun as ever.

262778_xbx_bTom Clancy’s The Division

Again, this came totally out of left field. I don’t like to play games online, I much prefer getting engrossed in a single player story. I also don’t like being called a faggot by pre-teen Americans. If The Division is anything to go by, I can put my qualms aside and give it a go. I doubt I’d get put in a team like the one that was in the trailer, and more likely end up with a bunch of kids running COD style head-on into a war zone.

Metal Gear Solid 5

The original Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation was one of my favourite games for the system. I’ve taken a step aside from playing most of the games in the series due to my console allegiances (PS1, Gamescube, 360), but I’m mainly picking this for its graphics. We all know you don’t play games for its graphics, but I was gobsmacked when I saw how beautiful this game was when it opened the Microsoft conference. Then consider that this is an open world game, which often sacrifice graphics to accommodate more into the game world, and it shows just how powerful the next generation of systems are.

I feel it does say something that the thing I’m most looking forward to is a piece of DLC, but I think everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s easy to made kneejerk reactions on the internet, especially when the internet is a hotbed of opinions.

And remember, any journalist that cheers at a press conference is not a proper journalist.

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