Cosplayer of the week – Cotton Candy Cosplay

Cotton Candy 4

Cotton Candy Cosplay, super sweet just like her name she is most recognised for cosplaying empowering female figures. I chatted to her about all things cosplay and our fave heroines Super Girl and Sailor Moon!

How long have you been cosplaying for and how did the hobby begin?
I’ve been cosplaying for 7 years, I started in secondary school in year 8, I was real bored in an ICT lesson and decided I’d go on a bit of a nostalgia trip thinking up all the old TV programmes/films I used to watch as a child and one name popped into my head…Sailor Moon! I searched it up on YouTube and found myself singing the theme song, I found myself hooked all over again (I was never really popular in school I was always classed as a “boffin “ so of course when I started coming into school in wigs and Naruto headbands…they didn’t know what to do with themselves :L )

Cotton Candy 2One of your most recognizable cosplays is Super girl, what is it about this cosplay and the character you like?
She keeps fighting for what she believes in…even when times are hard she gets back up again and kicks everyone in the teeth, that’s something I always loved and related to ❤

What inspires you to choose your next cosplay?
Well as every cosplayer can relate to, you just watch a series or a film and think …hell yeah that person is awesome I’D LOVE TO COSPLAY THAT!  And it just follows on from there 😀

What future cosplays can we expect to see from you?  
I really want to cosplay Asuka from Evangelion (plus plugsuit) as I’ve always been a fan of Evangelion. I just love how its been drawn, as well as the story line. I adore his and her circumstance (from the same creator of evangelion). Rogue from X-men is another (Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo X-Men Rogue 1/8 PVC Statue) as I love her character; the love sick teen who can’t touch 🙂

What do you find the most challenging part of making your cosplays?
Cutting the fabric the first time I stress so much that I’ll cut the fabric and then everything will go wrong and I’ll have wasted perfectly good fabric.

Cotton Candy 1When you’re not cosplaying or at a convention what can we find you doing?
I’m usually either at college studying fine art, at home helping my mum with chores or going out shopping with my nan.

Do you see cosplay just as a hobby, or something that could progress into a professional career?
I’m hoping to go to university after I’ve finished with college to go on to do costume design and FX make up/prop making  for big budget films like Star Wars, Harry Potter or anything to do with Marvel. I really just want to be able to look at a costume or prop and know how to do it perfectly: D

What advice would you give to those seeking a professional career through their cosplay?
Beware it’s a bitchy world; some people are very judgmental and quite cruel if your cosplay isn’t bang on or your wigs the wrong colour. Just don’t let it get to you ❤

Cotton candy 3What are your opinions towards ‘sexy cosplays’?
Whatever you want to do, really I mean sex appeal will get you fans there is no doubt about that! If you have slight cleavage in one photo you are guaranteed to have 1000 plus fans over night…its just how the world is and always has been so people that adapt the character for that reason just want to get themselves out there more and be as famous as Jessica Nirgi (check out her page and try not to see boobs) she has a perfect body and she knows it ❤ im pretty sure every female cosplayer envies her: D

What are your opinions towards cosplay consent? Have you ever experienced this at a convention?
Some guy walked straight up to me put his head in between my armpit and boob and nuzzled…I was so shocked as it was the first time anything like that had happened I just walked away very fast with my friends looking back at it. I wish I had just clobbered him …so the advice I would give is if someone is touching you in a way you aren’t happy with do not hesitate to floor them!

Have you ever felt pressured or wanted to lose weight for a cosplay?
Yeah I have and I still kind of am, I really want to loose weight so I feel happy and comfortable to cosplay characters such as Juliet from chainsaw lollipop so I’ve told myself to go on runs through out the summer holidays and wish for the best, obviously I will still eat well, so what I am going to say to you is …make sure you are loosing weight for you! Not for anyone else and remember to eat well while your shifting the lady lumps…there isn’t much point in being thin and dead xx

I know you are a big Sailor Moon fan,  any plans to cosplay her?
I cosplayed her once before but I didn’t really enjoy it due to bad wig and the cosplay was a bit wrong but now I’m a better seamstress I can sort it out and redo her to a standard I am happy with :D. I already have a new wig that’s waiting to be worn! ❤

Cotton Candy 5What did you enjoy the most about MCM expo?
I really enjoyed meeting all the amazing cosplayers I look up to and hanging around with my bestest friend cutie shy cosplay and crafts (

What advice would you give a first time convention goer?
Wear comfy shoes and don’t listen to the haters ❤

Thank you for a great interview Cotton Candy!

Keep up to date with all of Cotton Candy’s cosplay via her cosplay page.

Photo credits: Supergirl, Merida, Orihime and Gisele Dark Star Photography, Pinkie Pie Holly Collings Photography