For Love’s Sake

for_loves_sake_ai_to_makoto_cannesTakashi Miike takes on For Love’s Sake, musical romantic comedy adapted from the 70s manga ‘The Legend Of Love And Sincerity’. Very different from Miike’s previous work such as the darker and grittier films Audition and 13 Assassins.

For Love’s Sake is the tale of two star crossed lovers.  Bad boy Makoto Taiga, from the wrong side of the tracks saves the life of the wealthy, pretty and popular Ai Saotome. However when Makoto is left scarred in the process Ai blames herself, fearing that the scar is the cause for all his hardships. Ai is determined to make it up to her knight in shining armour so when Makoto ends up in juvie, she pulls a few strings to get him released and enrolled into her elite private school. Of course when this doesn’t work out she follows him to the worst school in the neighbourhood, where Makoto soon picks a fight with supposed girl gang leader Gumko, but when he gets on the wrong side of the real leader Ai’s life is put in danger. Leading to whether Makoto will accept Ai’s love and save her in time.

Full of performances of 70’s Japanese pop songs by the cast, this film is a one of a kind featuring comedy, action and romance. Although a musical, it is the choreography of the films that stands out the most, especially with the uncanny over the top fight scenes. At 133 minutes, the film is a tad long and some of the fight scenes could have been cut out, but If you’re a Miike fan looking for your next guilty pleasure, then this is the one for you.

You can buy Third Windows film For Love’s Sake Monday 10 June 2013!

You can also view a special free screening of For Love’s Sake at London Anime Convention 20-21 July when you purchase an entry ticket visit here for more info