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Lucy Hinsley aka Dragonfly Cosplay; Daenerys doppleganger, skilled prop maker and recent winner of the EuroCosplay Championship at MCM. Dragonfly Cosplay reveals all about her cosplay, prop making and plans for the future.

How did you get involved in cosplays and conventions?
My boyfriend introduced me to cosplay. I’ve always loved dressing up but I never knew that I could go to a convention and meet other people who shared my interest!

What’s your favourite cosplay and why?
My favourite cosplay is my female Captain America – I love being able to pull fight poses! But my favourite costume is my battle armour for Daenerys, I love her character, and getting to wear armour and carry swords just makes her cooler!

dragonfly 1What inspires you to choose your next cosplay?
If I love a character and they’re strong willed or just really cool then I’m inspired to cosplay them. I can’t help wanting to dress up as a cool person

When you’re not cosplaying or at a convention what can we find you doing?
I’m currently studying a prop making degree at Northbrook College, so I’m always making props and costumes in my spare time.

What is the best bit about the course and how has it helped to improve your cosplays?
My favourite part of the course is the workshop. I can use it whenever I want to make my cosplay props, which comes in very handy! I also really like my tutor, he’s so enthusiastic and inspirational, he gives me motivation. He’s also very genius at working out the best way to make a tricky prop, which also comes in handy ;P I’ve learnt so much from him!

You won the EuroCosplay Championship qualifier at MCM this year, how did it feel to win this?
I was very nervous backstage, I didn’t think I had a chance, I just thought I was going to embarrass myself. When they announced my name I was shaking and I didn’t know what to do with myself! I feel very excited for the finals in October and I can’t wait to get started on my cosplay for it!

dragonfly 4What was the most challenging part to make of the cosplay and why?
I think it was the Worbla chest plate because I’ve never used that material before. But the scale mail was certainly challenging on my fingertips lol.

You specialise in prop making, how did you make Daenerys’s blades?
They were MDF. I cut out the basic shape on a band saw, then sanded the edges down so that they looked sharp. Then I applied a layer of poly filler, sanded it back and repeated until I had a lovely smooth surface. Next, I sprayed filler primer on to the blades and sanded that back several times too with wet and dry paper. Then after a basecoat of black I sprayed them silver and gave them a coat of clear lacquer, then added the blood splatter effects. I used ivory leather for the binding and a small cupboard doorknob for the pommel because I didn’t have time to be fancy!

Can you reveal what cosplay you will be entering the EuroCosplay Championship in October with?
I will be making Teresa from the Claymore anime series. She’s so bad ass!

You have a background in prop making, cosplay award winner and have a strong social media following, but do you see cosplay just as a hobby, or something that could progress into a professional career? 
I see cosplay as the beginning of my career. I’ve already built up a good portfolio of work with my cosplays, and when I leave my course I will be looking for work in the film industry. But my ultimate dream is to run my own prop making company.

Dragonfly 2 deeceeWhat advice would you give to others looking to pursue a career through their cosplay talents?
Start by doing commissions for fellow cosplayers! It gets your name out there and you gain experience of dealing with customers and pricing up your products fairly. You can also build a good portfolio with commissions and it will give you something to put on your CV if you decide to apply for a job within your field.

What advice would you give for beginner cosplayers at a convention?
Practice your posing before you go! At my first convention I looked like a rabbit in headlights in almost every photo. It was awful lol!

You will be a special guest at London Anime Con in July, what can attendees expect?
I plan to wear Daenerys’s blue Season 3 dress, although I haven’t finished making it yet! Fingers crossed it’s finished in time! I might also bring a couple of surprises, but I can’t tell you what those are yet.

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Photo credits: Main Image of Daenerys Dark Age Photography, Fem Captain America Tolga Akmen, bottom image of Daenerys Deecee Photos