Maids of England: Gakuen Special

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaids of England are holding their next maid cafe Sunday 26 May, at MADD in Covent Garden, with a special Gakuen (academy) theme. The maids and butlers will be sporting school uniforms instead of their usual maid attire. Butler Shen, Maid Dhee-Dhee, Maid Kyoko and Maid Miyuu, who will be serving, reminisced about their school days, before they found their true destiny as Maids of England.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?

Maid Kyoko: Kyoko is only new to school but has had previous military training, which included an extensive education. Kyoko enjoys home economics because she can learn how to make food for her MoE sisters.

Butler Shen: I absolutely love art and drawing my imagination makes me soo happy!

Maid Dhee-Dhee: I loved Food Technology. I always burnt the cookies but that just meant nobody wanted me to share them. More cookies for me! Yosh! (=´∀`)人(´∀ `=)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaid Miyuu: Well Miyuu didn’t go to school because Miyuu gets things she needs to know programmed into her system! But Miyuu has seen schools in animes and dramas, Kouhei-oppa had it in his hard drive that’s backed up in Miyuu’s system, and it looks like lots of fun!! =DD

Did you ever get in trouble with your Senpai?

Maid Kyoko: At the beginning, just because I hadn’t had much human interaction so I over corrected them.

Butler Shen: Nope, I loved my Senpai… except maybe for sleeping too long, I like sleeping.

Maid Dhee-Dhee: I would sometimes make a few mistakes in my school days, (;´Д`) but I really made trouble for my upperclassmen when they had to help me out of my messes. When they did I said sorry, lots and lots and lots of times >w< If you really mean it, people can’t stay annoyed right? Not for long anyway, I hope T^T

Maid Miyuu: Miyuu wants to fall asleep in class, gain strange powers that make Miyuu turn into a giant squid monster and attack the school, eat school lunches and fall in love with my senpai too ><// School sounds so exciting!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat were you like at school?

Butler Shen: I was told I was quite smart, but I always got told off for doodling all over my exercise books and daydreaming during class ><

Maid Kyoko: I am very quiet. But I am only there for the sole purpose of camouflage.

Maid Dhee-Dhee: Dhee-Dhee was very into trying new things and creating new experiences! I was kind of looking for the thing I’d finally be good at; let’s hope it’s being a maid!

What did you eat for lunch at school?

Maid Kyoko: I went to the roof and solar charged. Even though Kyoko likes to make food, because she has no taste buds she instead enjoys watching her fellow maid sisters eat the food she creates.

Butler Shen: I always had a bento box prepared for me by Kouhei’s Parents.

Maid Dhee-Dhee: I’m a big fan of fruit because it’s so sweet but I can be a bit of a messy eater so I ended up eating dried fruits so I wouldn’t spill the juice on myself @_@ So ashamed!

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Also view this super kawaii video Maids of England made in preparation of the event!