Cosplayer of the week – Cupcake Cosplay

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Not one cosplayer this week but two – Breathlessaire and Starlighthoney who make dynamic duo Cupcake cosplay. I catch up with the pair as they prepare for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

What’s been your favourite cosplay and why?
It’s really hard for us to pick out a favourite. We have so many that we love and enjoy wearing for different reasons that pinning it down to one set would be impossible.

What inspires you to choose your next cosplay?
We really look into series and characters that we really love and/or appreciate, We also love to choose character designs that are interesting and have elements that challenge us or help us improve.

Cupcake Cosplay Image 2 anna cosplay photographyWhat future cosplay have you got in store for us?
Currently we are preparing our costumes for the World Cosplay Summit this summer in Japan. Some of those costumes include new Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth outfits.

What do you find the most challenging part about making your cosplay? 
The most challenging part about making any costumes for us is usually in the mock-ups. During the mock-up phase of the costume there are a lot of redoing of specific things (some of which may have taken what feels like forever in the first place) the costumes that stand out in our minds specifically were our X/1999 costumes.

How did the process of teaming up for cosplay happen?
We became friends at one of our first conventions. We met through a case of mistaken identity and have pretty much been inseparable ever since! Deciding to team up together was just a natural progression from there are we started making cosplay plans for the future.

cupcake cosplay image 4What are the benefits of group cosplays?
One of the major benefits of a team cosplay group is being able to share in all the experiences that cosplay brings.

Have you ever been to the UK, in particular a UK convention? How do they differ from America?
Breathlessaire actually have family in the UK and both of us have been to London before, though neither of us have been to a convention in the UK… yet! We would love to attend a UK convention if the opportunity presented itself.

What is your perception of the difference between cosplay culture in the UK and America?
We don’t think there is too much difference between the two, both are really passionate communities filled with lots of talent and drive.

What changes have you seen in the cosplay community over the years you have been participating?
There have been more changes than we can count. The accessibility of materials and knowledge through the internet have made it so easy and quick to find answers and gather the supplies you need. As a direct result you can now see amazing costumes everywhere.

cupcake cosplay image 3What is the craziest bit of fan mail (post or online) you have received?
We actually had a request to make Game of Thrones dog costumes and a wine purse which we both thought was pretty strange.

Do you see your cosplay as a hobby, or as a professional career?
Cosplay to us is a hobby filled with nerds that we love.

What advice would you give to others seeking to turn their cosplay into a professional career?
Never forget how fun this hobby is and the reasons why you started to do it in the first place, the rest if it’s meant to be will fall into place or come up as an opportunity. (ie modelling , voice acting or whatever career you are looking to achieve through it).

What advice would you give a first time con-goer at a convention? Try not to judge others harshly and remember that we are all just nerds; and cosplayers are just nerds in costume.

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Photo Credits – The Melancholy of Huruhi Suzmiya by Anna Fischer, Sailor Neptune and Uranus by Anna Cosplay
, Ah My Goddess by PhotoNinja, Heart no kuni no Alice by Joesph Chi Lin Photography