Cosplay Party, Bad Apple – 27th April


I spent Saturday night in urban club, Bad Apple in Croydon for their cosplay party, which turned out to be more party rather than cosplay. With free entry for cosplayers it was great initiative to encourage people to make the effort and save a fiver! Sadly, not many people attended in cosplay. However the copslays that did make an appearance included Supergirl and Iron Man.

067Other than the shortage of cosplayers, the party lacked a variety of music, as a club I understand it specialised in club and dance anthems, which is fine – I liked the music and danced merrily along all night, but as a cosplay party, I think the people attending, are a different target audience and were expecting, more rock music or some j-pop tunes, which would have added to the themed evening.

Overall, this was just a normal Saturday night clubbing, not a cosplay party. Bad Apple has commented there will be more cosplay nights throughout the year, so perhaps with the right promotion and evaluation of the night, future events will be more focused and attract more cosplayers. However, as I think the club organisers don’t have much knowledge of cosplay I think perhaps they would be better changing the theme to ‘superheroes and villains’ so that more of their regulars could get involved.

092This event just goes to show, that it is not where you are, but who you are with that makes an awesome night, so despite the lack of cosplay, I had some great fun with old friends and I met some very nice, interesting people!

Hopefully more venues in London and across the UK will host cosplay parties, we do have the newly launched cosrave in June by Anime League in Leicester which looks promising!

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