MOE: Love Concert – 20th April

086blogSaturday night, the quirky Miller pub hosted the first, of what I hope will be many more, Maids of England: Love Concert, featuring not just the Maids of England but performances from Tea Prince and DotDot3.

From solo, duet and group j-pop performances it kept the event varied and lively, with energetic and passionate performances throughout! Including fan favourites such as ‘sweetie sweetie’ and ‘sweet magic’. 058psMy personal highlights from the evening included Maid Kyoko singing ‘Bad Apple’ and as I’m a big Sailor Moon fan, I particularly enjoyed Maid Mao’s rendition of the classic theme tune!

With interaction from the maids throughout, even teaching the crowd a couple of their moves, the audience felt involved throughout–I now know how to say cute in Korean – Gwi-Yeo-Weo!

The great thing about Maids of England events is how the personalities of the Maids come alive on stage and this reflects in their performance; from stubborn Maid Nadeshiko, to the catlike Maid Keiki.  This event was a nice chance to see and support these lovely ladies in their endeavours, rather than just have them serve us tea and cake!

077psOverall, it was a very enjoyable evening, with WOTA, London’s well known clubnight for all things Otaku, continuing the evening with j-pop tunes for everyone to enjoy and dance to till closing!

I look forward to the next event!

P.S. Thanks for the lollipop Maid Miyuu!

To view all the pictures I took from the event: