Ain’t no party like a cosplay party!

Cosplay is no longer just limited to conventions; companies and organisers are always on the lookout to branch our favourite hobby into other aspects of our life, such as cosplay cruise, cosplay cafes and now the cosplay party! I caught up with Zak, lead organiser from Bad Apple, who has been running cosplay parties for just under a year.  The quirky team from Croydon came up with the idea as, “No one else around had thought to do this, plus I’m a geek and wanted to!” Zak commented.

bad apple croydon cosplayThis forthcoming cosplay party, Saturday 27th April, marks the first cosplay party of the year, with plans to do more!  Why should you come in cosplay? Well one if you do its free entry and two, as Zak reminds us “Because life is short and we should have some fun!”

If you’re not a cosplayer, or worried you won’t have your cosplay ready in time, never mind come along anyway! Tickets are £5 for non-cosplayers.  The party starts at 7pm and finishes at 4 a.m.

League of Extraordinary Cosplayers will be there ready to take photos of you all so come, say hi and strike a pose!

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