Mayamada Froyo Party – 13th April

2018psAfter a picnic meet up organised by Anime League at Finsbury Park, the group headed to Mayamada’s froyo party at frozen yogurt shop, Tutti Frutti, located in Covent Garden. The party was relatively quiet when we arrived but the 50+ of us soon livened the place up with even more people from the social meeting us there for games, froyo and Mayamada madness!

For those not familiar with Mayamada, it is a Japanese inspired clothing brand that makes quirky t-shirts and hoodies, with the idea of a  fantasy television network setting featuring an all-star animal cast. You can often find Mayamada at conventions selling stock!

2009psThe venue, Tutti Frutti was fresh, funky and bright – so a complete contrast to the rainy weather outside! Tutti Frutti, had a special deal for party attendees 10% off their frozen yogurt and members of staff were giving away free samples of all the yummy flavours to try, ranging from cookies and cream, Nutella and new flavour pistachio and honey which was voted by the public. I enjoyed a mixed combination of Nutella and coffee froyo, mixed with chocolate sauce and sprinkles! Yummy! Although the pricing is done by grams – so don’t be too greedy!

1996The downstairs area where the party was held had seats, sofas and large screens with game consoles just laid out waiting for us to play! Traditional board games such as connect four were also available for casual play.

Sadly I couldn’t stay to the end, but later on in the evening there was due to be a performance from Jaunty, a London hip hop artist who is a fan of the brand and has even been seen wearing the Mayamada clothes in his music videos!

Overall, the event was very casual and chilled (literally with the froyo!) with some tasty treats and a great break away from the drizzly weather outside!

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